Club Fundraising Cumbria

Event Date: 28 September

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The White Hart , Sedbergh, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Sedbergh juniors football club

Notes: Enjoy a night at the races fundeo style with 8 wacky races of molluscan mayhem supervised by our virtual host Peedy parrot who will be running the show and introducing each competitor and the sponsors. UPDATE: 70 people turned out for this fantastic fun deo event with £737 being raised in the proces.

Testimonial: "A cracking night of entertainment. Plenty of laughs and a great way of raising money." Andrew T.

Total Raised: £737

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Food Furlong: Billy Boy, Slimey Sucker, Emma Roid, Cat Cragg, Brian, Lionel, Rob is Gay, Smudge
Race No.2 - Nutter on the Loose: Bepe, Slugsy Malone, Drew Peacock, Always cums first, Tarka, Ginger Nonse, Morris, Wilson twenty two
Race No.3 - The Haddock Paddock Gold Cup: Pompy's Hero's, Dave, Lou Peacock, Snayley's C*nt (censored for google), Bodrum Sunset, Garry, Sedbergh Psycho, Theo
Race No.4 - Sparks are Flying: Helda Dick, Larl Glenn Bowman, Blitzen, Spinners Winner, Mike Litoris, Champions of Europe, Leeds Legend, Clarky
Race No.5 - Gold Cup of Snail Racing: Stevens Shooter, Bryan the Snail, Oliver Closoff, Turbo, Cat Cragg, Gertrude, Annie Rection, Winking Oyster
Race No.6 - Fifty Shades of Slime: Rycrofts Rearender, Noswad, Slightly Sluggish, Fat B*stard (censored for google), Rob is proper Gay, Supersonic , Madge, Green Door Nonce
Race No.7 - Sack, Back and Crack: Oops wrong way, Rocket Roy, Sniper, Tarka, Deadlys Destroyer, Betty Swallocks, Burt Nurney, Turbo Toddy
Race No.8 - The White Hart Dart: Tess Tickles, Izzy Cumming, Ivor Hardy, Dick Cheese, Jock Strap, Anita Dump, Harry Ballsack, Seaman Stains
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