School Fundraising Devon

Event Date: 21 April

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Lamerton Village Hall, Tavistock, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Lamerton Primary School

Notes: An 8 race fundeo night of snail racing with our virtual compere introducing all the runners and sponsors. Have a Fundeo night! UPDATE : 50 turned out for this great fun event and £300 was raised without any effort.

Testimonial: "Great evening had by all". Kate M.

Total Raised: £300

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Roger's Racers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Rupert, Rosie, Sunlight Trail, Creedy Valley, Bob, Cyril The Snail, Lilly Rose
Race No.2 - Back Abode: Harry Kane, Sheldon, Gurt Big Donkey, Tulliver, Moo Cow, Ryan, Amethyst, Slow Mo
Race No.3 - Dolan's Derby: Glitter Diamond, Poppy, Fred, Bill, Christine, Steve, Frankie, Jasmine
Race No.4 - DC Chasing The Village Bike: Sprinter, Lightening, Thunder, Speedy, Mr Dinosaur, Magical Princess, Daisy Belle, Reggie Danger
Race No.5 - Smarties Stakes: Mojo, Speedy, Torgor, Parthunax, Brian, Justin Frunt, Disco, Mo Salah
Race No.6 - Judge Jefferies & The Hangman: Nanny Goat, Old Timer, Hop Along, Dartford Dasher, Shelly, Esther, Shelvy, Pablo
Race No.7 - Gray's Gallopers: Elvis, Roberto Firmino, Kesha, Hawkeye, Lightening McQueen, Scott Tracey, Rocky, Mission Force One
Race No.8 - Tavistock Physio Cup: Mrs Sterry, Mrs Mammott, Mr Johnson, Mrs Paxman, Mrs D K, Mrs Dawe, Mrs Dalton, Mrs Eaton
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Roger Young Ltd: Thomas Hennessey, Alice Clarke, Alana Evenden, Laura Evenden, Paul Evenden, Matilda Grant, Reggie Grant, Patsie Grant
Race No.2 - Abode Property Agents: Albert Manning, Kaine Clarke, Alex Ayland, Mary Vallance, Anna Ayland, Isabel Knockaert, Kelly Knockaert, Patrick Knockaert
Race No.3 - Allan Dolan Stationery: Scarlet Mabey, Evie Crocker, Mel Edwards, Brian Edwards, Christine Cox, Steve Cox, Frankie Cox, Jasmine Cox
Race No.4 - Dartmoor Cycle Workshop: Rick de Wilde, Tom de Wilde, Anke Grosse, Pieter de Wilde, Rowan Clarke, Scarlet Mabey, Isabelle Boyle, Jasper Boyle
Race No.5 - Graham Cundy: Jo Robinson, Thalia-Rose, Jonty Hayles, Hayles Family, Julie Hardy, Janet Jarman, Rachael Farrell, Tim Hennessey
Race No.6 - Annie and Mike Jefferies: Margaret Manning, Graham Manning, Lucy Manning, Louise Manning, David Hardy, Andrew Jarman, Albert Manning, Agatha Manning
Race No.7 - Charles Gray Kitchens: Rowan Clarke, Chrissy Hennessey, Keane Holden, Max Holden, Isaac Patel, Sarah Gleadall, AJ Patel, Isaac Patel
Race No.8 - Tavistock Physio Clinics: Mrs Sterry, Mrs Mammott, Mr Johnson, Mrs Paxman, Mrs D K, Mrs Dawe, Mrs Dalton, Mrs Eaton
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