Charity Fundraiser Dundee

Event Date: 1 February

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Vault, Monifieth , Dunde, United Kingdom

In Aid of: HCPT Group 140

Notes: An 8 race snail racing race night with all the names and race names and sponsors introduced by our fun video virtual compere. This event was a 15+ age group classification 60 people attended and had a marvelous time and they raised £1200 in the process.raised

Testimonial: "Great fun easy to use and always a laugh! Personalised races and snails are geat. £1200 raised we've used Fundeo before and will definitely use again!" Tricia Ryan

Total Raised: £1,200

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. De Niro's Deep Fried Dander: Colonel Mustard , Magua's Missus, Tiggi's Trot, Shellie, Doogie's Delight, Nell, Carrot King, Potato
Race No.2 - 2. The Staar Slide: Shelly, A A A , Jack in the Box, Forest, Bella, Snail Trail, Michele, Salt and Pepper
Race No.3 - 3. The Redcastle Chaser: Mac, Pie Muncher, Beeny, Baptisto, Mobility Cakes, Von Rhino's Express, Durkin's Dream, Sheldon
Race No.4 - 4. The Reflexology Rub: Leek, Sea Food, Henny Penny, Action Man, Speedy Gonzales, Slow Coach, Creepy Crawly, Gonyirshell
Race No.5 - 5. The Carpet Roll : Dora, Smashed, Leader of the Huron, Fag Ash Lil, Rhino is a Tame Boy, Eilidh, The Hegster, Teefs
Race No.6 - 6. The 'Wee Love Pie' Race: Monifieth Tayside, Arbroath , Dundee United, Liverpool, Rangers , Dundee , Celtic, Manchester United
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - De Niro's Fish and Chip Shop: Alyx Scott, Alison Watt, Carol Ryan, Sarah Doig, Tiger McCleery, Kirsten Johnston, Sev Ryan, Laura Schiavetta
Race No.2 - Staar Hair Design: Ewan Gray, Ashley Anderson, Kerry Simpson, Sam Ramsay, Jenny Jamieson, Fraser Clelland, Carly Mitchell, Lorraine Glancy
Race No.3 - Redcastle Spirits: Kirsten Johnston, Arlene Stewart, Jenny Jamieson, Maureen Slowey, Sev Ryan, Paul Ryan, Pat and Lynn Durkin, Lucy Ferrier
Race No.4 - Ferry Heavenly Soles : Laura Schiavetta , Lorraine Glancy , Helen Coyne, Helen Coyne, Helen Coyne, Betty Coyne, Tommy Coyne, Lee Giblin
Race No.5 - Orchar Flooring: Arlene Stewart, Sarah Doig, George Watt, Maureen Slowey, Sev Ryan, Kirsten Johnston , Lucy Ferrier, Gareth Scott
Race No.6 - The WeeCOOK Kitchen: Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race, Auction Race
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