Charity Fundraising Dundee

Event Date: 16 February

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: West End Social Club, , Forfar, Dundee, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Roxburghe House & Cancer Research UK

Notes: Six races of fundeo snail racing race night fun at the West End Social club in Forfar. Slip along! UPDATE: 50 people attended and had an excellent time raising £1007 in the process.

Total Raised: £1,007

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. The Social Slide: Speedy Gonzales, Jack Inoff, Sticky Willie, Norfolk 'N' Chance, Hector Brocklebank, Slippery Rod, Harry Balls, Sticky
Race No.2 - 2. The Cherub Championship: Juicy Lucy, Windy Willie, Fan Toosh, Hugh Jarse, Cream Pie, Aberfeldy, Speedy, The Eagle has Landed
Race No.3 - 3. The Casualty Crawl: She Bangs, Blo*job Handles (censored for google), Dirty Dick, Bolty, No Legs Sally, Muscles fae Brussels, Forrest Gump, Len Dusatenna
Race No.4 - 4. Gill's Slimming Snails: Always Comes First, Snail Marks, Give Head or Snails, Dick Bash, Tess Tickles, Slimey, Fucknose, Biggus Dickus
Race No.5 - 5. The Keli Tots Trot: Shellshock Cock, Slithery, Kasses Kits, Pussy Galore, Fanny Ba's, Ben Dover, Is ur F*nny Shaved (censored for google), Betty Swallocks
Race No.6 - 6. The Very Cherry Chase: Willie Fisterbottom, Drew Peacock, Get It Up Yih, Trim The Bush, F*ck a Duck (censored for google), Kinky Crotch Rocket, D*ck Tickler (censored for google), Major Bona
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - West End Social Club: Rhona Guild, Nicola Pearson, Nancy Clark, Tracey Roberts, Craig Cameron, Jane Bowman, Kelly McLean, Alan Morrison
Race No.2 - Emma's Cherubs: Fiona Clark, KathleenFotheringham, Angela Brown, Ally Stirling, Woody, Linda Gowans, Isla Cameron, Donna McDonald
Race No.3 - RTG Aiders: Lesley Cameron, Gillian Curran, Gillian Douglas, Neil Burness, Audrey Orr, Jacquie Roy, Rhona Guild, Isla Torrie
Race No.4 - Gill Carter: Colin Ogilvie, Ian Gowans, Erin Easton, Kelly McLean, Cali Roberts, Alan Morrison, Dave Guthrie, Paul Clark
Race No.5 - Keli Tots: Mike Easton, Isla Cameron, Kathleen Milne, Pauline Vannet, Lia Cameron, Ally Stirling, Brian Burns, Graham Roberts
Race No.6 - Cherryann McLennan: Denise & Dave Eggie, Cali Roberts, Lia Cameron, Derek Milne, Roy McDonald, Kenny Duncan, Alana Clark, Phil Pearson
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