Church fundraising Hampshire

Event Date: 1 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The White Horse, Southampton, Hampshire, Hants, United Kingdom

In Aid of: St Matthews Church Appeal

Notes: Slip along to this fantastic fun fundeo snail racing race night event in the White Horse Pub for a fun night with beer, snails, betting prizes and banter.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Trowtronics Hurdle: Sneaky Slinky, Slimey Sid, Mabel, Gossage, Bonanza, Malcs Mover, Slippery Nipple, Daffodil David
Race No.2 - Meachers Dash: Slime All Messi, Give Me Legs, Usnail Bolt, Michells Heavy, Doctor Doalot, Mrs Moist, Homeless Slug, Inaminute Bob
Race No.3 - New Forest Motors Chase: Sleepy Sid, Sydney, Christine, Stingbee, Nelson 850, Barnaboy, Mildred in Motion, Just Jasper
Race No.4 - White Horse Handicap: Brian, Lesbiavenue, Oh Lord, Aguerro, Geriatric, Totty, Weatherspoons, Mr Forest
Race No.5 - Powell and Son Sprint: Matthews David, Trucker Trev, Timothy, Whizz, Patrick, Olly, Chalky, Wilbur
Race No.6 - Goodies Handicap: Fighting Fit, London Girl, Shady Boy, Tortoise Triumph, Speedy Sam, Clever Charlie, Anniversary Waltz, I Need a Medal
Race No.7 - The Yankee Doodle: Esso Blue, Kizzy, Bobby Bobtail, Force Four, Barney, Speedy Gonzales, Snellgrove the Snail, Jeeves
Race No.8 - Juveniles Trot: Slithering, Severus Snail, Shelly, Marsha, Hermione, Albus, Dobby, Hegwig
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Trowtronics (UK) Ltd: Sue Curtis, Mike Curtis, Doreen Gorringe, John Goringe, Angela Bonning, Malcolm Bonning, Daniel Stacey, Jeannie
Race No.2 - Meachers Transport: Angie Trowbridge, Mark Trowbridge, Lyndon Trowbridge, Garry Whittle, Dave Taylor, Lor Whittle, Tony Trowbridge, Robert Taylor
Race No.3 - New Forest Motors: Vicki Brookfield, Viv Messling, Tom Mcconnell, Deana Eldridge, Geoff Hewitt, Mike Gould, Sheila Hewitt, Alison Gould
Race No.4 - The White Horse: Steve Matthews, Rich Hope, Andy Clark, Rich Burgoyne, Gerry Barton, Dave Stumper, Robbie D, Rich Hope
Race No.5 - Powell and Sun: Tom McConnell, Sue Wheeler, Chris Drake, Maureen White, Chris Gould, Sue Wheeler, Derek White, Anne Brown
Race No.6 - Goodies Fish and Chips: Fran Stanfield, Alan Beech, Phillipa Beech, Terry Stanfield, Shirley Hatchett, Shirley Hatchett, Clive Henry, Sandra Henry
Race No.7 - Ray Egbert USA: Jack Read, Joan Read, Ros Stollery, Jenny Ing, Patricia Pennicott, Marie Jefferson, Joyce Snellgrove, Iris Lucus
Race No.8 - Netley Marsh School: Netley Marsh School, Fiona and Tracy, Sarah Godfroy, Susie Curtis, Emily Williams, Eleanor Williams, Amanda Watt, Jo Jarvis
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