Club Fundraising Isle of Man

Event Date: 24 November

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Blackberry Lane, Onchan Isle of Man, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Onchan AFC

Notes: Slip along to this great fun fundeo event at Blackberry Lane. UPDATE: Tremendously successful event . Just 30 turned up and everyone thought it was excellent entertainment, ease of use, hosting by Peedy parrot, personalisation, visual and sound quality and service from Fundeo too.

Total Raised: £650

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Dodgy Defenders: Checkout Charlie, Super Sub Suits, Where's Speedy, LB Lightweight, Malew Mong, A Physio's Dream, Mini Mascot, Jacob's Boy
Race No.2 - Midfield Maestro's: Lazy Landlord, AliAkba, All Yellow No Red, Pick of the bunch, Wannabe Tristan, Sid's Brother, Tubby Tourettes, The Carpet Cleaner
Race No.3 - Up and Coming: The Egg Chaser, Weak Arm Lew, Watty's Boy, The Smiler, Mr Reliable, Where's training, Joe's Shadow, Mad Maxx
Race No.4 - Missfits: Racist Manc, The Good Twin, Toby, Andy's Mate, The Ginger Ego, The Sh*t Twin, Backflip Backflip, Return of the coates
Race No.5 - Race for the Golden Boot: Connor The Mute, The Rowdy Roofer, Temper Tantrums, McChicken Sandwich, Help Me Rees, Quirky's Boy, Silky Sam, Daddy's Undies
Race No.6 - Golden Oldies: Jaques Boy, The Mighty O, The Z Factor, Haggis and Hairspray, Peter Pan, Southern Wanderer, Touch Taskmaster, The Bottle Job
Race No.7 - Running the Show: F*ck The Police, Silver Fox, Jose Joughin, Minion Voyeur, Slingers Boy, Just The One, What Minutes, Should of had a wank
Race No.8 - The Wags: Tenacious Tess, Patience of a saint, He's not allowed out, The Newly Wed, Mad Max Quirk, O'Kelly's Girl, Mrs Who, Sorry My Fault
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