Charity Fundraising Harrow London

Event Date: 25 October

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Mill Rythe Holiday Village, London, United Kingdom

In Aid of: WRNS Benevolent Trust

Notes: Slip along to this great fun snail racing extravaganza with the WRNS all for good fun and merriment. UPDATE: A great time was had by all and over £3000 was raised in the proces

Total Raised: £3,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. The Crabtree Crawl: Saucy Steward, Oily Wragg, Egg on Legs, Dhobey Dust, Chief Wren Reg, Liberty Boat, Pier 93, Dog Watch Disaster
Race No.2 - Nicki Smith Grand Smashional: Make and Mend, Narna Head, Captains Table, Naughty Nightwatch, Jack the Lad, Gizzit, Kara Pace, Chrusher
Race No.3 - Brewin Dolphin Dash: Mixed Up Air Mech, Coxswain, Muscly Marine, Half Nelson, Determined Driver, Escargot a la Garlic, Night Flying, Deep Six
Race No.4 - Gibson Whitter Snail Trail: Mod Plod, No Name Snail, Splice the Mainbrace, Meat Wagon, Captains Rounds, Super Slops, Dodgy Deckhand, Pushy PTI
Race No.5 - Sayers Steeplechase: Big Bad Bootneck, Super Sprog, Bognoli Jones, Blue Liner, Canny Jack, Robbo's S-Cargo, Up Spirits, Writers Revenge
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: Jump to it, Jet Jockey, Jam, Crazy cooks, Welly Wanging, Jammy Sod, Port and Starboard, Gulpers
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