Birthday Party Fun Manchester

Event Date: 24 November

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Same Yet Pub Simister, Manchester, United Kingdom

In Aid of: My 40th Birthday

Notes: This is a birthday party fundeo snail racing event down the pub. Enjoy the fun and slip along. It is a 15+ age group production with speech bubble sub-titles too to overcome the noisy roars of the audience. Enjoy the mad molluscan mayhem everybody- fundeo style.

Testimonial: "What a superb evening. Really enjoyed by all thanks." David K.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Kids Classic : Jamaican Joe, TyrannosaurusTom, James Bond, Amazing Amilia, Awesome Alex, Bonkers Ben, Wicked William, Kick Ass Katey
Race No.2 - The Muppet Marathon: Simon Cow El, Ze German, Big Lip Williams, Big Dave, Rocket Rick, Crazy Ben, Tiny Tim, Carlitos Way
Race No.3 - Tyco Int.National: Flanasaurus, Faz is Great, Microwave, Full of Love, Little Legs, Noisy Brian, Illustrious Iliad, Maverick Mike
Race No.4 - Family Fun Run: Marathon Mathew, Amazing Alice, Eager Emma, Cool Caroline, Jumping Julie, Lovely Lorraine, Calamity Cath, Greiged It Up
Race No.5 - The Neighbourhood Derby: Glorious Gaynor, Perfect Paul, Classy Chloey, Sassy Sophie, Jazzy Janice, Macho Maurice, Panic Man, Bongo Brian
Race No.6 - Mothers Meeting: Rocket Rachael, Super Sarah, Jurassic Jan, Juicy Jess, Jazzy Janine, Cheeky Chez, Magnificant Mo, Lavish Laura
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