School Fundraising West Midlands

Event Date: 31 January

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Solihull School, Birmingham, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Solihull School Parents Association

Notes: Slip along for a night of snail racing molluscan mayhem with six fundeo snail races under the auspices of Peedy parrot the virtual compere for the evening all in aid of Parents Association School funds. UPDATE 220 PEOPLE ATTENDED AND HAD AN EXCELLENT NIGHT OF ENTERTAINMENT

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Mindfulness Medal: Bouncing Bernamont, Which Way Wernham , Mitchell Mayhem, At The Front Atkins, Hurry Up Humphreys, Persevering Penney, Way Ahead Williamson, Fearsome Fernandez
Race No.2 - Pets Playoff: Drooling Dog, Catch Me Cat, Hesitating Hamster, Galloping Guinea Pig, Resilient Rabbit, Flying Fish, Champion Chicken, Heroic Horse
Race No.3 - Crazy Crew Canter: Mighty Mollison, Fantastic Farnan, Lightning Lynch, So Far Ahead Smith, Moule Madness, Jubilant Jones, Patient Penney, Hopeful Harris
Race No.4 - Classic Car Cup: Magnificent Mini, Beat Me BMW, Last Place LandRover, Fast Paced Ford, Mercedes Muddle, Out My Way Audi, Lazy Lamborghini, Booming Bentley
Race No.5 - Speedy Stakes: Pacey Poole, Magical Michelet, Motoring Morgan, Hasty Houghton, Super Fast, Might Win Middleton, Blazing Baker, Off Track OMalley
Race No.6 - Musical Medley: Placid Piano, Vicious Violin, Graceful Guitar, Raucous Recorder, Catch Up Clarinet, Zealous Xylophone, Tumbling Trumpet, Cheating Cello
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