Club Fundraising Radnorshire, Powys, Wales

Event Date: 18 May

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Recreation Ground, Kington, Radnorshire, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Kington Cricket Club

Notes: Get along for this snail racing extravaganza at the recreation ground in Kington for a great night of fun. UPDATE: 50 people attended and £540 was raised with another £480 being raised at the bar. Every enjoyed the event.

Total Raised: £480

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Penrhos Spirits Stakes: Wicket Winner, Y Not, Samantha, Welsh Wizard, Malwoden, Handy Andy, Brian, Don't Step on Me
Race No.2 - The Slime Scramble: Ketchup Kev, Ishell Walkit, Shell Man, Crusty Colin, Rocket Rach, Samson The Snail, Hurry up Harry, Legless
Race No.3 - The Priday Mucus Slither: Basher Bob, Helmet Head the firs, Ginger Ninja, Shell Shocked Nanny, Dead Slow, Nick's Less Cargo, Sofa King Slow, Mad Morris
Race No.4 - Border Osteopath Sprint Hurdle: Crusher, Gary, Dave, Annie Get Your Gun, Grace's Gastropod, Mr Kim, Olly on a Winner, Susan's Boil
Race No.5 - Jockeys Jostle: Sandy Cheeks, Why Me, Divote, Bulldozer Barry, Good with Garlic, Mr Lloyd, Quick Slime McGraw, Gone for Six
Race No.6 - Cricket Club Crawl: Calamity Kate, Slug, Steady Eddie, Speedy, Hereford Pale Snail, Morgie's Mule, Dave the Rave, Lounging Lennie
Race No.7 - Chairmans Chase: Ffi Leave Him For Me, Super Mario, Butler's Barmy Army, Must Run Faster, Debbie's Donkey, Sluggish Sergio, Road Runner, Bomber
Race No.8 - KCC Finale: Shellgar, Smasha Deschell, Len Dusatenna, Passing Wind, Hugh Janus, Tiger Roll, Hoof Hearted, Ed start
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Penrhos Spirits: Debbie Stokes, Tony Dawson, Dan Jones, Graham Priday, Mirain Martin, Andrew Waring, ,
Race No.2 - J&P Turner: Kevin Protheroe, Glenys Morgan, Ben Lewis, Colin Stokes, Rachel Waring, Ffion O'Brien, Harry Dinsdale,
Race No.3 - John Priday Construction: Robert Protheroe, Ben Smith, James Waring, Sheila Futcher, Duncan Morgan, Nick Dinsdale, Rob Stokes,
Race No.4 - Border Osteopaths: Cerys Morgan, Mike Green, Dan Jones, Ann Protheroe, Grace Dinsdale, Kim Millard, , Sue Dawson
Race No.5 - G M Joyce Surfacing: Sandra Protheroe, Graham Priday, Brian Kirkham, Barry James, Kate Dinsdale, Steve Lloyd, Rhys Morgan, Sarah Waring
Race No.6 - Kington Cricket Club: Katy Protheroe, Cin Lewis, Ann James, Steve Lloyd, Dave Penney, Wayne Morgan, ,
Race No.7 - Jim Lewis: JP Price, Tracy Protheroe, Sam Lewis, Graham Priday, Debbie Stokes, , Matthew James, Jim Lewis
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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