Charity Fundraising Somerset

Event Date: 29 September

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: RODE MEMORIAL HALL, Rode, Frome, United Kingdom


Notes: Eight races of fundeo fun Escargot madness and mayhem. All snails introduced by fundeo's parrot compere personally and the races too. Don't miss. Slip along. Excellent night with over £4000 raised for charity cause. !00 people turned out for the night.

Testimonial: "Five Star service and a brilliant night. Thanks again. " Grant S.."

Total Raised: £4,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Race With No Name: Roxy, Crustacean Kid, Sarah's Pride, Fanny Go Lightly, Magic Brian, Slimal Messi, She Snailed It, French Fancy
Race No.2 - The LGS Shells N Tails Cup: Larry No Legs, Slime Flies, Good With Garlic, Vigo The Destroyer, Dick Dasterly, Slip and Slide Suzie, Shell Shocked, Hard As Snails
Race No.3 - The Frighteningly Fast Fussel : Cyril, Jimmy Snail, Slider, Slime Craze, Boberson, Lightening Louis, Alan, At A Snails Pace
Race No.4 - The Chocolate River: Marshells's Magic, Shussell, Rode Runner, Life Inthe Slow Lane, Speedy Nails, Flying Fal, Pisco Sour, You've Got Snail
Race No.5 - Escargot Maiden Steak: Georgio, Snailer Swift, Turbo 2, River Runner, Uslime Bolt, Escargot Go Go, Usain Shelly, Snail On The Donkey
Race No.6 - Slades Mollusc Mile: Last Post, Snelly Furtado, Horatio, Snailextrix, Nicky's Tits, Racing Roxy, Shake Y Snailfeather, Sheldon
Race No.7 - The Cross Keys Steak Chase: Rocket Man, Alpha Snail, Jacob Rees Mogg, Withsnail & I, Michael's Merkin, Kebab, Blazing Saddles, Fat Boy Slime
Race No.8 - The Frome Scaffolding Gold Cup: Shellgar, Minjeeta, Rode To Nowhere, Arron Shelling, Les Cargo, Willie Be Hardigan, Kenya See Me, Norfolk and Chance
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Voneus Limited: Amy Opie, George Duncan, Sarah Hodder, Janet Jupp, Sam Nicol, Julie Morgan, Peter Tisdale, Geoff Marshall
Race No.2 - LGS Transport Training: Dan Perkin, Geoff Marshall, Natalie Duncan, James Stewart-Cox, David Jupp, Sam Nicol, Geoff Marshall, Peter Tisdale
Race No.3 - Fussels Fine Foods: Kim Slade, Hannah Lovell, Michael Lambourne, Jo Stewart-Cox, Jo Pobjoy, Sam Nicol, Gayle Armiger, Peter Tisdale
Race No.4 - Choc On Choc: Geoff Marshall, Sharon Hayward, Bex Small, Mel Richards, Andy Pobjoy, Sam Nicol, Ann Phelps, Peter Tisdale
Race No.5 - A Bit Of A Do Catering Limited: George Muxworthy, Renee Thomas, John Wyn Richards, Sam Nicol, Lisa Lambourne, Grant Slade, Jacob Pobjoy, Peter Tisdale
Race No.6 - The Slades: David Walsh, James Thomas, Dave Phelps, Oscar Slade, Nicky Robinson Moore, Sam Nicol, Peter Tisdale, James Dando
Race No.7 - The Cross Keys: Georgina Tanner, Simon Duncan, Andrew Hodder, Gavin Mist, Michael Moore, Gus Slade, Sam Nicol, Jen Bodey
Race No.8 - Frome Scaffolding Group: Auction Winner 1, Auction Winner 2, Auction Winner 3, Auction Winner 4, Auction Winner 5, Auction Winner 6, Auction Winner 7, Auction Winner 8
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