Club Fundraising Staffordshire

Event Date: 2 March

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Bloxwich Stafford Road Sports Club, Bloxwich, Cannock, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Bloxwich Hockey Club

Notes: Snail Racing again in Staffs for the hockey club. Slip along for a great time, lots of laughs and fundeo fun all round! UPDATE: 100 turned out for this fantastic evening that everybody enjoyed immensely and £1100 was raised at the same time!

Testimonial: "Brilliant service for a rushed order. Couldn't praise enough for processing the order quickly to facilitate the evening. Our 4th race evening from Fundeo and as big a success as the others." Paul J.

Total Raised: £1,100

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. The Fundeo Funrace: Bert, Lightning Lollie, Keepers Jeepers, Freyella, Dash, Daisy, Shellington, Xanthe
Race No.2 - 2. The Grand Smashional: Bob, Don’t get Bored, Starburst, Hugo, Frank, Neil, Usain Bolt , Demaratus
Race No.3 - 3. The Fundeo Derby: Henry, Slippery Li'l Sucker, Leroy, Midget, Shelly, Snaily McSnail Face, Meatballs, Christian Snail
Race No.4 - 4. The Gold Shell: Marvellous Martha, Billy No Mates, Cookers Champion, Stanley, Dextrous, Slower than Minch, Commando, Jimmy Snail
Race No.5 - 5. The Fundeo Frolic: Eggbert, Shadrak dingle, Blucie, Mr Chairman, Enigma, The Three Doritos, Lunny, Brian Karius
Race No.6 - 6. The Slimey Cup: Like a bat outa shel, The Finemaster, Paz the dutchie, Timothy, Ess car Go, Vader, Bag of Snails, Swifty
Race No.7 - 7. The Fundeo Crawl: Slim Shady, Cosmic Bob, Thunder Striker, Barrell Bellied Bob, Stone Cold Bob, Tom's a Tart, Feed the Book, Vincents Victory
Race No.8 - 8. The Fundeo Finale: Jumping Jacques, Terrible Trevor, Muscly Mark, Crazy Kevin, Crafty Carlos, Escargot Margot, Mad Morris, Basher Bob
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Rocco Boats: Ed Marrocco, Louise Taylor, Ross Unitt, Sarah Wiggin, Gary Williams, Vicky Jackson, Jon Morris, Leanne Adams
Race No.2 - Snoopys Dog Grooming Parlour: Vicky Jackson, Steve Mallows, Frankie Kitson Yeoma, Matt Whitehouse, Susie Morris, Jake Perkins, Katie Freeman, Phil Ashcroft
Race No.3 - WDS Transport: Matt Whitehouse, Kate Kitson Yeoman, Jamie Probert, Jess Foster, Alex Hill, Emma Pearce, Jack Phillips, Charlotte Mills
Race No.4 - Colliers Arms: Stacey Hadley, Matt Baldwin, Sarah Ferguson, Andrew Yeoman, Nic Salt, Lee Hale, Julie Kempson, Dave Cook
Race No.5 - WDS Transport: Lucy Jackson, Azza Allcock, Louise Taylor, Dave Unitt, Dan Steatham, Matt B, Max, Vaughan, Bob Foster, Anton Cox
Race No.6 - Sorion Electronics: Rich Challenor, Ladies 3's, Azza Allcock, Zoe Jackson, Richard Mincher, Steph / Jack Oates, Kelton Scott, Sarah Jones
Race No.7 - Bloxwich Hockey Club : Phil Foster, Andrew Race, Martin Oates, Simon Lunn, Tom Scott, Joe Perkins, Nathan Booker, Adam O'Brien
Race No.8 - The Auction Race: , , , , , , ,
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