Club Fundraising Snail Race Night Staffs

Event Date: 29 February

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Bloxwich Stafford Road Sports Club , Bloxwich, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Bloxwich Hockey Club

Notes: Slip along to this snail racing extravaganza for the local hockey club with 8 fundeo races and personalised snail names :-D

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Colliers Chase: Baggy Boy, The Snail Trail , Run ......... corna , Win or Booze , Beefy Boy , Matt Boden, Hugo, Betty Blueberry
Race No.2 - Fosters Window Controls Cup: Dash , Moggy , Jimenez, Schofe Phillips , Big Al , Autumn Fury, Duckhouse, Jimmy Bullard
Race No.3 - Premier Electrical 1988 Dash: Schofield’s Lover , Pure Mince, Stripper Stamp , Lukesnailcrawler, Speedy, Oh No, SlothyMcSlothFace, Vincent’s Victory 
Race No.4 - Bricesco Derby: Snailo Mane, Wobbly Bob, Michelle, Slug mc snail face , Jethro, Twinkle, Mo Snailah, Superjack
Race No.5 - The Slimey Crawl: Malcolm, Yorkie, Bertie, Lilbut, Mightygem, Ice Cubes, Electrise, Wolves 
Race No.6 - Bloxwich Barbarian Bonanza : Snoopy, Merlot, Jeffery, Donnashellow , Shelly Slime, SenSnailtional, Turbo , Remy
Race No.7 - The Bloxwich Oaks: Olivia, Sloth GTi, Thomas Shellby, Sally, Emilysnail , Henry, Twitching Tentacle, Flying Finn
Race No.8 - The Tony Haywood Grand Nationa: Virgil Van Snail , Percypeg Snail , Nitro , Mickey Mouse, Zopiclone, Ross The Boss, Saucy Snail , The President
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