Club Fundraising Wigtownshire

Event Date: 9 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: wigtownshire county golf club, Newton Stewart, United Kingdom

In Aid of: club funds

Notes: Come along to this fun night of fundeo snail racing with 8 races. Peedy parrot will be running the show and introducing all of the competitors and their sponsors. Be sure not to miss this night of molluscan mayhem in a 15 + age category fundeo production. UPDATE: 40 people attended and had an excellent fun time raising £550 in the process and £500 at the bar too.

Testimonial: "Fantastic fun night for everyone. Thank you from everyone at Wigtownshire County Golf Club." James C.

Total Raised: £1,050

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. Bangers and Dash: Audball, Tennerife Sunshine, Florida Bay, Fourballs, Bonnin Robbin, Tornado, Buddy, Loud Mouth
Race No.2 - Keepers Invitational: Toms Girl, Harrys Dream, Wee Tommy, Damien, Jaxxon, Zippy, Lollipop, Ellie Belly
Race No.3 - Greenkeepers Stakes: Ben Dover, Snotter, Angus, Follow the Whiteline, Glenluce Ranger, Flash, Sofa Can Slow, Sassy Lynda
Race No.4 - Jim'll Fix It: Rapido, Turbo, Hard As Nails, Outsider, Shargar, Slow Coach, It's Nae Chance, Buzz Right Off
Race No.5 - The Galloway Gallop: Fast As Fook, Turbo Hardtop, Garlic Butter, Mose, Slimey Git, Riley Bay, Fifi Lafi, Escargot
Race No.6 - The Johnstone Derby: Big Jock Knew, Pedro Gonzalez, Slip n Slide, The Heid, Alfie, Angel Face, Mabaws R Itchy, Stormin Norman
Race No.7 - 7. The Caldwell Crawl: Gibby The Gub, Gloria Stitts, What's The Craic, Tippy Toes, Arfur Fooksake, Mike Hunt, Bryan Snail, Anita Dick
Race No.8 - 8. The Fundeo Finale: Jumping Jacques, Jetting Jay, Mothering Marge, Crazy Kevin, Swinging Sven, Jammy Jimmy, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining Eddie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Steven Cronnie Family Butcher: Kano, Billy Park, Shirley Cronnie, Steven Cronnie, Robbins Family, Catherine Blaen, Amy Woodfield, Lynda Campbell
Race No.2 - Logan Estate: Louise Flynn, Alan Flynn, Tommy Simpson, Julie Thompson, Wilma Bailie, Debs Millington, Holli Flynn, Tricia Spinks
Race No.3 - County Sluggers: Danny Agnew, James Clark, Alan Biggam, Chris Gibson, Davy Bickerstaff, Robert Gardner, Gwen Robson, Lynda Campbell
Race No.4 - Huxtable Builders: Maria Taylor, Katie Wright, Sandra Hardie, Alison McAuley, Anne Melville, Val Laburn, Tina Milligan, Marney McCormack
Race No.5 - Galloway Graphics: Caroline Smith, Andy Smith, Fran Raw, Ben Phillips, Janice Kirkland, Anita Joyce, Fiona McCall, Val Marshall
Race No.6 - Ian Johnstone: Ian Johnstone, Lauren Johnstone, Lyndsay Calderwood, Kevin Johnstone, Ryan Johnstone, Ella Calderwood, James Patterson, Margaret Johnstone
Race No.7 - Snails R Us: Gilbert Coulter, Jimbob Caldwell, Lynda Campbell , Sue Tipton, Graham Smith, Raymond Jackson, Bryan Bruton, Anji Johnstone
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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