Social Race Night Hungerford Berks

Event Date: 4 October

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: The Village Hall, East Garston, Hungerford, Berkshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: East Garston Over 60s Coffee Club

Notes: A 6 race party pack event with lucky dip tickets made up on a 15+ age category race night dvd with personalised snail names and race names added. Update : 40 attended and had a great time.

Testimonial: "Great service and good value." Alan Breadmore

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Back Street Bumper: Pryer Warning, Eyres Rock, Slime Tree Cottage, Whye Not, Slow Cook, Baggers Belief, Ash the Dash, Snail Meet Again
Race No.2 - Humphries and Hillside Hurdle: A Pair of Duces, Sargeant Pepper, Hook or by Crook, Hodder Fodder, Call the Coppers, Hi Wayman, Rookes Nest, Slide Downhaven
Race No.3 - Dead End Derby: Godden Slow, Rosemarys Thyme, Beasterling, Mouldy Old Slow, Norton Leeper, Monty Carlo, Take a Butchers, Thorpe Escargot
Race No.4 - The School Lane Shield: Murphys Lad, Jaunty Jimmys, Poundsland, Lorne Hill Leader, Vicarage Wanderer, School Sprinter, Lodge View Slider, Creeping Collette
Race No.5 - The Officers Cup: Daring Dave, Jumping Jackie, Jaunty Janet, Ambling Pam, Run Renee Run, Barbara Ran, Betty Boop, Phoebes Phancy
Race No.6 - All Stars Finale: Outer Michelle, Speedy con Garlic, Fat Boy Slime, Shellgar, Less Cargo, Snailed It, Hammer and Snails, Ed Start
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