Society Fundraising Race Night Staffs

Event Date: 21 September

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Bradwell Community Centre, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom

In Aid of: North Staffs Operatic Society Fundraising

Notes: The NSOS Ltd are holding this snail race night fundraiser. There are 6 races with personalised snail names and snail sponsors names added made up into a 'U' age group category race night DVD suitable for all ages. Update about 120 people were present including the organisers and they were still counting the money when the feedback was submitted.

Testimonial: "Easy to organise and good fun. We do a great supper with it which makes a difference to the evening. " Mrs G Brian

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Meir Park Classic Oaks: Big Al, Tinny, Sea Dog Cecil, Scintillating Sally, Leo, Kipper, The Guilford Glider, Ne-Moo
Race No.2 - The Step Ball Change Stakes: Pythagoras, Scarecrow, Perky Pauline, Amazing Arthur, Selina, Merry Mary, Samuel Slimons, Tendo Boy
Race No.3 - The Dead Slow Handicap: Dashing Dex, Pauline's Pet, Tony the Gas, Bouncing Ben, Tutti Frutti, Wizard, Borning old fart, Holly Angel
Race No.4 - The Freddie Bean Steaks: Bouncing Benjy, Speedy Harold, Crazy Connor, Jolly Joe, Aztec, Three Muskateers, Tropicana, Big Daddy H
Race No.5 - The Singing Sister Stakes: The Trumpeter, Velocity Val, Mi-shell, Perfect Pete, Rose, Olivia's Beauty, Sally Bassett, Slimey
Race No.6 - The Yellow Brick Road dash: Flooty Fun, Johnnie the Jet, Pipsqueak, Wacky William, Passionate Pat, Katelyn Lilly, A.J.Gamer, Gooooey
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Westbridge Furniture: Alan Brian, Tom Pear, Pauline Machin, Val Waddell, Jean Gough, Peter Morris, Charlotte O'Rourke, Emma Ball
Race No.2 - The Tweedale Academy Of Dance: Gina Brian, Gareth Ridge, Pauline Machin, Val Waddell, Peter Thomas, Mary Jones, Sam O'Rourke, Tendo Katabalawa
Race No.3 - Forrester Bros Funerals: Dexter Blumstein, Pauline Lovatt, Pat Marshall, Ben Wood, Pam Maskery, Terry Wright, Brian Rawlins, Holly Katabalawa
Race No.4 - Andy's Butchers Meir Heath: Benjy Blumstein, Kath Amison, Craig Wood, Joe Wood, Berenice Harrison, Sylvia Wright, Joy Rawlins, The Mouat Sisters
Race No.5 - The All Woman Choir: Antony Brian, Val Barker, Christian Bloor, Peter Waddell, Gill Plant, Lindsey Dixon, Dave Lawton, Margaret Noyce
Race No.6 - David and Mabel of N.S.O.S: Becky Brian, John Barker, Hayley Waddell, Julie Wood, Pat Marshall, Jasmin Horton, Aaron Lawton, Danny Noyce
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