Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

29 Feb '20 - Football Club Fundrasiing Kent

"Excellent fundraising idea. Easy to use and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the kids." Kelly W.

31 Jan '20 - School Fundraising Kent

"The DVD arrived promptly. Was easy to use alongside the other material provided and it was really good fun. I would definitely recommend this to others!!" Becki T.

30 Nov '19 - Rugby Club Fundraising County Antrim

"Another very enjoyable and entertaining evening which raised funds for P7 Rugby Tour 2020" Frank D.

23 Nov '19 - Charity Race Night Bucks

"Everybody found it very entertaining." Cliff C

26 Oct '19 - Club Fundraising Surrey

"Great fun, excellent night." Stephen C.

05 Oct '19 - Charity Fundraising Hertfordshire

"Good laugh, great fun had by all. Great for families." Steve K.

28 Sep '19 - Club Fundraising Cumbria

"A cracking night of entertainment. Plenty of laughs and a great way of raising money." Andrew T.

27 Sep '19 - School Fundraising Staffordshire

"An entertaining evening the children loved it." Pam R.

10 Aug '19 - Hospice Fundraising Essex

" Have used Fundeo Snail race night for the past 5 years everyone who attends say how enjoyable the night has been and raising raising funds for charity. Fundeo never let us down and very reliable. Thank you for a fun night" Melanie W. Takeley Social & Sports Club

27 Jul '19 - Team Fundraising County Down

"Great night of fun and laughter. Everyone there enjoyed the snail races with lots of cheers and laughter and a nice amount of money for the team." Maurice M.

29 Jun '19 - Party Entertainment Fraserborough

"Good Fun" Lesley L.

14 Jun '19 - Charity Fundraising Peterborough

"Our 6th year of fundeo snail racing - still a great success!" David S.

08 Jun '19 - School Fundraising Peterborough

". . . we look forward to working with you again, soon." Susan H.

11 May '19 - Charity Fundraising Buckinghamshire

"A very good night's entertainment" Clifford C.

27 Apr '19 - Community Fundraising Staffs

"Great evening! Filled with unexpected inject. Made us giggle and noone left unhappy." Tim W.

06 Apr '19 - Community Fundraising Essex

"Great fun for all ages - easy to use. Good way to raise funds." I.B.

06 Apr '19 - Charity Fundraising Aberdeenshire

" Brilliant nights' entertainment. I have done Fundeo snail race nights over the years and they are so much better than horse racing as results go the the wire." Clive H.

22 Mar '19 - School Fundraising Manchester

"Amazing a wonderful night had and enjoyed by all." Kelly K.

15 Mar '19 - Club Fundraising Warwickshire

"A great night and lots of funds raised!" John G.

15 Mar '19 - Club Fundraising Warwickshire

"A great night and lots of funds raised!" John G.

09 Mar '19 - Party Fun Peterborough

"Enjoyable for all ages." Sophie B.

09 Mar '19 - Club Fundraising Wigtownshire

"Fantastic fun night for everyone. Thank you from everyone at Wigtownshire County Golf Club." James C.

08 Mar '19 - School Fundraising West Yorkshire

"Guaranteed fun for everyone attending including the parents! Everyone that came had a fantastic time." Sarah A.

02 Mar '19 - Club Fundraising Kent

"Another great fundraiser for our Youth Club, and a really great night." Simon W.

02 Mar '19 - Club Fundraising Staffordshire

"Brilliant service for a rushed order. Couldn't praise enough for processing the order quickly to facilitate the evening. Our 4th race evening from Fundeo and as big a success as the others." Paul J.

02 Mar '19 - Charity Fundraising Tyneside

"Another fantastic night with lots of fun, laughter and money raised.," Christopher B.

16 Feb '19 - Club Fundraising Yorkshire

"Great event and fantastic animations as usual. Keep the surprises coming with every race!" Karl H.

02 Feb '19 - Club Fundraising Race Night Herts

"Great fundraising idea, suitable for all ages." S Kelly

01 Feb '19 - Charity Fundraiser Dundee

"Great fun easy to use and always a laugh! Personalised races and snails are geat. £1200 raised we've used Fundeo before and will definitely use again!" Tricia Ryan

24 Nov '18 - Birthday Party Fun Manchester

"What a superb evening. Really enjoyed by all thanks." David K.

10 Nov '18 - Charity Fundraising Nottinghamshire

"We had a great fun evening raising money for our charities everyone agreed it was a very entertaining night." Carolyn C

27 Oct '18 - Team Fundraising Newcastle

"Another fantastic fundeo snail race night. We love it!" Emmy T.

20 Oct '18 - Community Fundraising Rainham

"Great fun and an easy way to raise funds." Irene B.

29 Sep '18 - Charity Fundraising Somerset

"Five Star service and a brilliant night. Thanks again. " Grant S.."

25 Aug '18 - Team Fundraising Co. Down

" Great night in McBrides on the square with plenty of noise and laughter. A few more converts to fundeo snail racing. Thanks to everyone who made this event so successful." Maurice M.

07 Jul '18 - Private Party Race Night Wrexham

"Excellent and enjoyable night had by all 26 family members - already asking "when is the next one" and I thoroughly recommend the Roach Race Night from Fundeo. Absolutely ideal (the Lucky Dip Version) for a family party." John P.

16 Jun '18 - Tennis Club Fundraising Glasgow

"Another great fundeo snail race. Now very comfortable running these events and a great fun way to raise funds for our club." Graeme R.

15 Jun '18 - Community Fundraising Peterborough

"Our 6th year of fundeo snail racing with over 200 people rising to their feet." Davis S.

09 Jun '18 - Charity Fundraising Fundeo Night Kent

"Haven't had such a brilliant evening for ages. Enjoyed by all age-groups. Thank you. " Revd. Sue W.

22 May '18 - School Fundraising Night West Yorkshire

"We thought this fundeo snail racing event was great fun. The children were hysterically excited by it!" Melanie D.

04 May '18 - Charity Snail Race Night Hampshire

"Fundeo Snail Race is a perfect way to raise money for charity! Fun was had by all!" Lucy H.

21 Apr '18 - School Fundraising Devon

"Great evening had by all". Kate M.

20 Apr '18 - Charity Race Night Dundee

"Fantastic service from Fundeo and much more entertaining than the horse races. Everyone was engaged with the races." Karen R.

14 Apr '18 - Charity Race Night Essex

"Fundeo snail racing is a really good community event, fun was had by all too." Sue C.

14 Apr '18 - Club Fundraising Warwickshire

"Great night. Raised lots of money and had fun." Edward W.

07 Apr '18 - Club Fundraising Devon

"Brilliant night as always." Charlie H.

31 Mar '18 - Charity Fundraising Northamptonshire

"Fab evening, everyone enjoyed it and we raised lots of money for a great charity." Catherine E.

24 Mar '18 - Gala Fundraising Devon

"A great evening was had by all, entertaining and fun, a great money raiser if sponsorship is sold in advance." Hannah P.

24 Mar '18 - Community Fundraising Warrington

"Very happy with the great service from start to finish.. Both kids and adults really enjoyed the racing. Think there will be some sore throats and heads this morning!" Mathew L.

24 Mar '18 - Fundraising Race Night Surrey

"A great evening, raising money for 3 different causes. Warspite Sea Scouts have been regular Fundeo Snail Racing customers and will be back for more. Highly recommended." Graham N.

09 Mar '18 - Football Club Fundraising Warwickshire

"Easy to use, great entertainment and an excellent fund raising event. Recommend! Thank you!" John G.

09 Mar '18 - Club Fundraising Kent

"Thanks for your patience and flexibility with us. This was our first time so we have learned from our mistakes and hope to do a fundeo snail racing event next year and look forward to your help again then too!. " Mark C.

09 Mar '18 - Club Fundraising Herefordshire

"An excellent family evening." Steve M.

03 Mar '18 - Fundraising and Fun Kent

" The noise the children made during the fundeo races was deafening. A great evening." Clive T.

24 Feb '18 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"Yet another great night, lots of fun for all the family. Will definitely use again." Sarah S.

09 Feb '18 - School Fundraising Worcestershire

"We had a fantastic evenings entertainment - great for adults and kids." Kate P.

16 Dec '17 - Club Fundraising Surrey

" Fun and good value always a great evening of entertainment". Colin B.

19 Nov '17 - Club Fundraising Angus

"Easy to use and great entertainment value. Raised a great amount for the team." Shona M.

18 Nov '17 - Presentation Eve Race Night Shropshire

"A great family friendly race evening. The children got very excited over the various 'hazards' and the personalised runner names went down well with everyone!!" Nicola W.

11 Nov '17 - Club Fundraising West Yorkshire

"As always efficient and excellent!" Nick W.

21 Oct '17 - Charity Fundraising Nottinghamshire

"Yet again a brilliant night". Christine M.

07 Oct '17 - Club Fundraising Dumfriessshire

This fundeo night of snail racing is sponsored by Solway Spirits and should be great fun for all. Slip along and see if its your lucky night and enjoy a laugh a minute with molluscan mayhem fundeo style. UPDATE: Great event excellent fun enjoyed by all.

16 Sep '17 - Charity Race Night Gloucestershire

"A fun way to raise money. Enjoyed by both young and old. a very entertaining evening was had by all." Diana S.

15 Sep '17 - Charity Race Night Angus

"Would highly recommend this as a fundraiser for children and adults." Heather B.

28 Aug '17 - Charity Race Night Yorkshire

"My event was a bigger success than I thought it would be! Good fun and raised money!" Gemma L.

27 Aug '17 - Fun Race Night Essex

"What an excellent evening very entertaining. Will definately use again." Fern S.

22 Jul '17 - Club and Charity Fundraising Hertfordshire

"Everyone who came to the event enjoyed it so much. Can't wiat until the next one. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening." Melanie W.

15 Jul '17 - Fundraising Night Fife

"Very good night, great atmosphere during races. definitely recommend for a fund raising event." Grant S.

14 Jul '17 - Fundraising Fun Staffs

"Great evening's entertainment! Fundeo Snail Racing will always be welcome at Stafford Cricket Club." Ian W.

30 Jun '17 - Club Fundraising Derbyshire

"Good fun night will suit many different types of event." Paul C.

25 Jun '17 - Birthday Party Race Night Suffolk

"Good all-round fun for all ages. Excellent entertainment." Colleen F.

11 Jun '17 - Race Night Dundee Angus

"Very funny 'Day At The Races' for Broughty Ferry domino league." Steven M.

27 May '17 - Charity Race Night Sussex

" Great fun had by all. We will definitely be ordering again. Thanks guys. Great feedback from race-goers." Kevin H.

13 May '17 - Club Fundraising Cambs - part 2

"Great event. we raised £1500 for a superb cause. Both adults and especially children really enjoyed it. Thank you. Highly recommended." Ivan K.

13 May '17 - School Fundraising Cambs

"We love Fundeo!" Victoria L.

12 May '17 - School Fundraising Yorks

"The snail racing DVD was amazing. It was put together professionally and seamlessly. A fabulous event where adults and children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will be back next year!" Sarah A.

12 May '17 - Charity Fundraising Lincs

"Had a great night with the fundeo snail races. Raised over £400 for teenage cancer Trust. playing vinyl after the racing rounded off the event." Pauling B.

12 May '17 - Charity Fundraising Surrey

"Fantastic event enjoyed by a diverse group of disabled and non-disabled people of all ages. Thank you very much fundeo." Angelene R.

05 May '17 - Club Fundraising Angus

"Thanks again for a successful event. Can't recommend you enough. Brilliant service every time. Lost count of how many times we have used you." Tracey R.

15 Apr '17 - Charity Fundraising Essex

"What a great fun evening for all ages" Susan C.

01 Apr '17 - Charity Fundraising Essex

"Absolutely brilliant!!!" Steven H.

01 Apr '17 - Club & School Fundraising Devon

"Brilliant fun night once again, easy to raise money as people don't mind parting with their cash if they are having fun and in with a chance of wining." Charlie H.

31 Mar '17 - Charity Fundraising Angus

"Brilliant night once again, small crowd but good amount made for both our league and Help For Heroes (Charity)." Stewart R.

25 Mar '17 - Club Fundraising Kent

"Very good entertainment for children and some adults" David Hall (Editor comment- David had the 'U' film category version not our 12+ or 15+ version!)

17 Mar '17 - School Fun Night Staffordshire

"Excellent customer service, very helpful. Speedy delivery. Fantastic event." Julia C.

11 Mar '17 - Club Fundraising Oxfordshire

"We have used fundeo four times so far and it's amazing fun and value." Bryn S.

11 Mar '17 - Club Fundraising Kent

"We have used fundeo before but found this to be a very easy process to raise significant funds for our Youth Club, whilst having a really fun evening too. Thank you Fundeo! " Simon W.

04 Mar '17 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"As always, very good fun." Sarah S.

04 Mar '17 - Club Fundraising Perthshire

"Brilliant, fast, efficient service." Jan C.

25 Feb '17 - Club Fundraising Lanarkshire

"I've used Fundeo a number of times. Always a highly entertaining evening and great way to fundraise." Graeme R.

25 Feb '17 - School Fundraising Kent

"A great fun evening and the kids loved it." Clive T.

25 Feb '17 - Club Fundraising Moray

"Excellent all round service and product. We'll be back!" Hilary M.

03 Feb '17 - Club Fun and Fundraising Angus

"Was a great night. Everyone enjoyed it. They said the fundeo snail racing was different and would come to the next one." James R.

21 Dec '16 - Christmas Party Northamptonshire

"Great fun, easy to use. Will definately recommend". Caroline J.

26 Nov '16 - Charity Race Night Tring Herts

"Great evening had by all members present. Would recommend to any club as entertainment or as a fund raiser." David G.

18 Nov '16 - Fundraising Douglas Isle of Man

"Excellent night. We really enjoyed the racing and made some money towards club funds. Thank you Fundeo!" Andrew F.

12 Nov '16 - Party Fun Night London

"I have used fundeo snail racing for large charity events and for house parties. Always a great success." Ryan J.

22 Oct '16 - Church Fundraising Essex

"Delighted by how fundeo's personalisation worked." Roger L.

22 Oct '16 - Fundraising Monmouthshire

"Very funny; highly recommended." Alison D.

14 Oct '16 - School Fundraising Wrexham

"This is our 2nd time doing a fundeo event and it was another greta success. Organised within 3 weeks- fantastic!" Julie J.