Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

02 Oct '10 - School Fundraising Staffordshire

"Fantastic night had by all at the St Peters School PTA Fundeo Snail Racing Night. Ears still ringing from childrens' cheers, great night had by all." Dave Munro

02 Oct '10 - Video Race Night, Co. Durham

"You'll be amazed how much people get into the races, huge cheers and roars!" Ross Bullerwell

24 Sep '10 - Party Essex

"The 2nd time we have done this (Fundeo Snail Racing) and another hugely successful night." Dave Haley

24 Sep '10 - Fundraising Norfolk

"We invited children to the event and they loved the animation and really got into the race- it kept their attention fantastically and everyone had a great time." Paula Carter

17 Sep '10 - School Fundraising Somerset

"Our 3rd Fundeo snail race night now and our biggest profit yet. A fantastic night - Thanks Fundeo." Grant Slade

17 Sep '10 - Video Race Night, Cardiff

"It was a fun evening . . . " Maureen Greening

27 Aug '10 - Race Night, Orkney, Scotland

"Great service and product, Rendall FC will definitely be using fundeo again, thank you. Highly recommended!" Adam Twatt

03 Jul '10 - Pub Race Night, Aberdeeenshire

"None of the people at our event had seen Fundeo Snail Racing before and everyone thought it was really great with all the added extras in each race and they would all go to another event ." Anthony Stott

12 Jun '10 - Race Night, Angus

"The Fundeo Snail racing was brilliant entertainment with everyone shouting for their snail to win and cheering, as I did, plus the features in each race are well thought out and executed. I think it's a great fundraiser and plan next year once again to have the Fundeo Snail Race Night with the Players Presentation." Gary Laing

29 May '10 - Party French / Swiss Alps

"The children really enjoyed the evening." Paula Evans

29 May '10 - Pub Race Night, Angus

"Another 'roaring' successful event. Kids were deafening but loved every race. By far the easiest, most fun way to raise money. Thank you so much Fundeo :-) " Tracey Roberts

28 May '10 - Snail Race Night, Co. Antrim

"Everyone enjoyed the event, the snail racing racing proved to be very entertaining. The service provided was excellent. We will definitely be running another event. Thank you Fundeo." Tracy Bartlett

22 May '10 - Race Night, Fife

"We at Burntisland United were pleased with the package from yourselves. Kids and adults loved the Fundeo snails and it was funny. Thank you." Brian Blake

15 May '10 - School Fundraising Essex

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening for all the family!" Catherine Pluck

08 May '10 - School Fundraising West Yorkshire

"This is the 5th time we have had the Fundeo Snail Race Night and again it was a great success. One of our biggest fundraisers and a must for family participation. The kids and adults loved it! Thank you Fundeo Team." Dawn Arnison

07 May '10 - Race Night, Kent

"Brilliant night, everybody had fun." Tony Banham

23 Apr '10 - Charity Race Night, Angus

"An entertaining evening. Good Fun. Everyone enjoyed it." Allan Webster

23 Apr '10 - Snail Racing, Lincolnshire, Lincs

"A great time had by all! We ran our first Fundeo Race Night and raised over £400 for our Junior Football Club. Many thanks Fundeo." Wendy Williams

10 Apr '10 - Event Co. Antrim

"A great night and some craic too! We will recommend your services to other clubs. Thanks." Francis Douthart (ARC)

10 Apr '10 - Video Race Night, East Lothian, Edinburgh

"This (Fundeo Snail Racing) was a new form of Race Night for most of those present and everyone had a great night. Very entertaining comments from 'Peedy' to some of the snail names- described some of the owners to a Tee!!" Gary Mc Farlane

09 Apr '10 - Party West MIdlands

"The children were very excited, the adults got into the betting. Our problem is getting people to turn out because they don't know what Fundeo Snail Racing is." Ken Whittingham

27 Mar '10 - Event Berkshire

"A great evening, easy to set up and run." Martin Bishop

20 Mar '10 - Birthday Party Lancashire

"A quick, easy and fun way to raise funds for your chosen cause. We raised £820.84 for St Andrews Hospice in an hour! - The package we used (a 4 race Lucky Dip Pack) was simple to use and very effective. Ideal for what we wanted." Lorna Rhoney

20 Mar '10 - Event Hertfordshire

"Fab night had by all, young and old alike. Bar, food and top-notch raffle also helped to raise club funds. Peedy parrot was a great host and betting on all the personalised snails was a great success. Tote and set-up instructions were easy to follow and helped with the smooth running of the event." Caroline Deadman

19 Mar '10 - Video Race Night, Greater Manchester, Cheshire

"A simple and easy way to raise money, and as a bonus you get a great night out for all the family thrown in." David Charles

19 Mar '10 - Party Essex

"Gave everyone a good laugh." Mrs Jane Long

18 Mar '10 - Party West Midlands

"A most enjoyable and entertaining night - all that went didn't know what to expect but after the event I didn't have one negative comment - in fact I had quite a few say how good a night it was, how they enjoyed it and asking when the next one was!" Tony Connolly (Race Night provider).

13 Mar '10 - School Fundraising London, Kent

"A fantastic family event and an easy way to raise funds. The kids love it and their cheering is off the decibel scale! This was our second Fundeo snail race evening and there will definitely be a third." Susan Harris

06 Mar '10 - Video Race Night, Co. Durham

"Easy, entertaining, excellent value." John Hames

06 Mar '10 - Party Monmouthshire

"The event was run as a club night for the members. They had good entertainment and fun for free(!) - all funds for the night went back to the members- so I highly recommend this to others." Robert Beckett

06 Mar '10 - School Fundraising Surrey

"This (Fundeo Snail Racing) is a great family event - the noise of the children cheering was deafening! . . The evening was fantastic . . " Lisa McDaid, Holy Family School

05 Mar '10 - Event Aberdeenshire

"A good fundraising evening enjoyed by all." Wilf McLellan

26 Feb '10 - Pub Race Night, Dundee

"The barman at the event said that this was the best, most professional fun charity event he had ever seen. Very professional." Jackie Hall

05 Feb '10 - Event Somerset

" . . had a great night." Karen Press

05 Feb '10 - School Fundraising Lancashire

"This was the noisiest event we have held. The children screamed with excitement and the adults joined in too." Elaine Henderson

29 Jan '10 - School Fundraising Kent

"A great fun evening, fun was had by all, remember your ear plugs!!" Mrs S. Wells

23 Jan '10 - Club Fundraising Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

"Great fun event for all the family." Diane Fisher-Naylor

21 Jan '10 - Event Hertfordshire, London

"Every body loved it. . . . Great fun for small groups and large events. Great way to raise funds." Warren Wilcox (PS we raised and donated £275 funds for Haiti disaster.)

20 Jan '10 - Charity Race Night, Dorset

"Very pleased with quality of DVD, race cards etc. A fundraising evening with a difference appreciated by all ages." Karen Rhys

31 Dec '09 - Xmas Party Hertfordshire, London

"It was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the evening. Thanks." Helen Wright

26 Dec '09 - Christmas Party Yorkshire

"Great finale to our Christmas House Party. The room was rocking!!!" Mike Harrison

20 Nov '09 - Party Essex

"Was a superb night and many young players lost their voices shouting so hard at the screen. It was a truly memorable night and we are already looking towards 19th November 2010. I can't thank the (Fundeo) team enough for the quality of the animation, humour and customer service. Cheers." Dave @ GBCC

20 Nov '09 - Charity Race Night, Lincolnshire

"Fundeo Snail Racing was a new experience for the majority present but they all agreed that it was far more fun and entertaining than the usual horse race. Well done Fundeo- we will be back!!" Sue Forth

14 Nov '09 - Event Vale of Glamorgan

"A great evening enjoyed by all ages from 18 to 70." Peter Evans

13 Nov '09 - School Fundraising Herfordshire

"This was our second race night and it proved to be a great success again - better than last year in that people and children knew what to expect . Great to see everyone young and old shouting at the screen and cheering their snail on- Thanks." Caroline Kelly

13 Nov '09 - Sports Club Fundraising Essex

"Excellent night had by all. Many thanks." Joyce Sackey

12 Nov '09 - Charity Race Night, Lincolnshire

"Excellent night , great fun. Raised £200 for Children In Need Charity, not bad for a village pub eh?" Sue Simpson

09 Oct '09 - School Fundraising Cheshire

"We raised £300 for school funds. The children loved it and screamed and shouted so much for their snails you couldn't hear the commentary over the cheers! We'll be hosting another event!Many thanks!" Letitia Selby

26 Sep '09 - Snail Race, Oxfordshire

"Very good night. Will use again. We auctioned the snails off before each race & split the pot. £50 to the winner of the last race." Keith Wise

19 Aug '09 - Event Derbyshire

"We had a great time . . Thanks, it was a really great event." Pam Whitham

08 Aug '09 - Snail Race, Scottish Borders

"We had a great night with the Snail racing event and it is far better fun than the normal horse race nights! A fantastic way of making very good fund raising and has helped us out a lot." Alasdair Mcilroy

31 Jul '09 - Party Gwent

"Great fun night. Lot o' laughs, lot o' shouting, lot o' betting. Enjoyed by young and old alike. Lots of requests for another night." Felicity Clarke

11 Jul '09 - Race Night, Tyne and Wear

"Another event successfully managed with the use of Fundeo Snail Racing. Kids of all ages love the event and parents particapate with enthusiasm !! Will certainly be holding another event in the future. Thanks FUNDEO!" Phil Forster

27 Jun '09 - Charity Race Night, Shropshire

"The night was a great success and everyone felt the event was all the more appropriate as the person retiring is going to live in Elgin - the home of Fundeo-thank you once more." J. Martin

27 Jun '09 - Snail Race, Cambridgeshire

"We had a fantastic evening, lots of laughter and will definately hold another event." Joanna Spencer

27 Jun '09 - Event Hampshire

"Excellent entertainment for a family based audience. You do need to think about how to maximise your fundraising by getting as many sponsors as possible but well worth taking the time." Steven Rice

26 Jun '09 - Snail Race, West Midlands

"Another excellent Snail Racing evening enjoyed by all ages. We will definitely run another event next year." Gary Hazlehurst

16 May '09 - School Fundraising West Yorkshire

"This is our 3rd Snail Race Night and it didn't disappoint. The children were screaming and shouting along with the . . . wait for it . . adults. Yes a great night had by all once again. Well done Fundeo Team." Mrs Dawn Arnison

16 May '09 - Party Norfolk

"What a great night was had by all. We held our event in our small local thanks to Alan and Jenny of The Queens Head Foulsham as a thank you for all their support throughout the year. It was our first Snail Race Night and we weren't really sure what to expect. The DVD and the timing was perfect and it was very easy to run, we will certainly be holding another. We do have some photos of our evening on our website www.clubwebsite.co.uk/foulshamfc/ should anyone like to take a look. Thank you very much." Jackie Price

16 May '09 - Race Night, Co Derry

"Excellent and novel fund raising event - a night at the races with a difference! The assistance and guidance provided by Andrew through out was first class!" Niall McGurk

01 May '09 - Event Kincardineshire

"Make sure you follow the advice of Fundeo and sell the snails in advance and get sponsors for the prizes. It means you have made a profit before you have even had a race. Fun night, highly recomended to friends. " Clive HInchcliffe

25 Apr '09 - Charity Race Night, Lincolnshire

"Everyone enjoyed the fun night and had plenty of laughs. " Karen Flear

11 Apr '09 - Snail Race, Warwickshire

"Yet another fun evening which was enjoyed by all. At least two people who attended were so impressed that they will be holding their own events in the future." Ann Lattimore

04 Apr '09 - Club Fundraising London

"This is the 2nd time we have used Fundeo for our Race Evening and once again they were superb. The service and communication is excellent and the racing package that we bought arrived extremely quickly. The races were entertaining and funny although we will go for the Adult Version next time. If you are planning a Race Night, Fundeo is the company to use!! We will be back!" Andrew Clemens, Drifters RFC

03 Apr '09 - Event Lancashire

"A fantastic evening, the young beavers and cubs made so much noise you couldn't hear Peedy at times. We will have a further race night later in the year, it's so easy to raise funds and the service from Fundeo was second to none." Brian Millington (Scout Group Chairman)

02 Apr '09 - Party London

"Everyone had such a laugh it was a joy to host, especially as there were people not too keen on the idea of a 'snail' race . . . it was probably the best social night we have ever had. Thanks for all your help." Miss Donna Bitten (Giant Group Plc)

28 Mar '09 - Race Night, Oxfordshire

"A very enjoyable night, the kids had a great time and we raised enough to buy trophies on presentation night." Patrick Keaney

21 Mar '09 - School Fundraising Staffordshire

"We had a really enjoyable family evening. We will certainly hold another event in the future." Paul Simcock.

20 Mar '09 - School Fundraising Northamptonshire

"This is our 2nd Snail Racing Evening - and another fun night! Everything went really well and we raised lots of money. I think we will try the Bingo next time!" Alison Evans-Smith

14 Mar '09 - Snail Race, Essex

"A great night for all. Very successful and profitable." Gill Newlyn

14 Mar '09 - Party Berkshire

"The event was great fun and enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks." Ann Ayliffe

13 Mar '09 - Red Nose East Sussex

"Fantastic fun event. Red noses galore - comic relief at its most comical. Enjoyed immenselyby children and adults alike." John Milton

07 Mar '09 - Snail Race, Herefordshire

"Our 'Punters' came expecting the usual horse racenight and were amazed and entertained by the snail racing. A great success and lovely 'silly' family fun." Sally Stubbs

28 Feb '09 - Party Somerset

"Fantastic evening, everyone had a great time with some very exciting races and really funny outcomes. We will most certainly do it again. Thank You." David Bryant (WSM Referees Society)

21 Feb '09 - Party Cambridgeshire

"If you can't make a go of this then give up because it sells itself. Wonderful entertainment - the best laugh I've had in years." Charles Gillings

07 Feb '09 - Charity Race Night, Tyne and Wear

"An excellent evening for all the family, young and old. The screaming and excitement from the children was ear piercing!!! A fantastic fund raiser." Phil Forster

07 Feb '09 - Church Fundraising South Glamorgan

"Our event was fabulous. We had about 60 people who were both amazed and delighted with the snail racing. It was one of the noisiest fundraising events that we have held. The money we raised will be matched by Barclays Bank. We will definately be holding another Snail Race Night in the future. Thanks." Jan Brown

05 Dec '08 - Pub Race Night, Swansea

"Excellent and fun to use, I recommend anyone to do this as a fundraising event." Cathie Talbot

28 Nov '08 - Event Channel Isles

"The Snail Racing evening was by far the most entertaining social event we have held for a long time. The atmosphere and noise generated by the "punters" was amazing. The unexpected events which occurred during the races were highly amusing and added to the overall entertainment value. Highly recommended." Sharon Spruce

28 Nov '08 - Snail Racing, Midlands

"This was our first FUNDEO event. The whole night went very smoothly thanks to the pack and instructions. We had hoped for a bigger turnout but from about 40 people we made a clear profit of £300 to help support our activities for Deaf children. Thank you Fundeo we plan to do another event in April." Ken Whittingham

22 Nov '08 - Birthday Party Oxfordshire

"Great fun and it was amazing how involved everyone got with the cartoon snails and races." Keith Roberts

22 Nov '08 - Race Night, Perthshire

"Great night once again. Good to see the races were different from last year. Everyone enjoyed it and raised a lot of money for the club." Alan Fraser

22 Nov '08 - Fundraising Warwickshire

The Fundeo Snail Race was brilliant. We heard laughter from beginning to end. Our village came to life but more so it was a great fundraiser for Women for Women Cycle Jordan 2009." Carole Phillips

15 Nov '08 - Charity Race Night, Warwickshire

"Good, noisy fun - enjoyed by everyone." John Lawton

14 Nov '08 - Snail Race, Aberdeenshire

"A really good funraiser and we all had a great night." Robert Hay

12 Nov '08 - Event Saudi Aramco

"An extremely fun night was had by all. This is the second event we have run and have already been asked for more." Karen Bowen (Raised 4000 Saudi Riyals)

08 Nov '08 - Snail Race, Aberdeenshire

"Excellent and fun way to raise funds. Very easy to use." Patsy Grant

08 Nov '08 - Race Night, Nottinghamshire

"Excellent night had by all. Really good fun, and everyone commented on what a great night it was and didn't realise snail racing could be so much fun. We made an error and were missing the cable for the sound, but we got by with some speakers and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for the excellent package and highly recommended to all." Craig Norwood

07 Nov '08 - School Fundraising Warwickshire, Warks

"We had a really fun night!!! and raised a lot of money !" Alison Buxton

07 Nov '08 - Pub Race Night, County Derry

"Excellent package, highly recommended." John Deighan

03 Nov '08 - Party Leicestershire

"Excellent value for money. Dead easy to use and the kids loved it." Michael Wood

01 Nov '08 - Party Somerset

"We are a busy Lions club raising £80k per year for charity and this was our weekend off.. . But the Snail Race grabbed everyone and it didn''t take much to make it into a minor fund raiser. We had a great time and raised money for a local hospice. It was made so much easier by the professional presentation of the package. Thanks again." Roger Downer (Guildford Lions Club)

01 Nov '08 - Halloween Party Leicestershire

"I had reservations about doing this event simply on the timing with it being Halloween but we had a fantastic turnout. The evening was superb, and the looks and enjoyment on the kids faces was something else - they loved it. The only problem now is every one keeps asking when we are holding another snail race. A good time was had by all and this particular Fundeo event is first class." Brian Ellis

31 Oct '08 - Charity Race Night, Lincolnshire

"Another wonderful fun filled evening. Some returning guests and some people totally new to snail racing. Many people got really involved and blood pressures must have been racing with the excitement, perhaps not the ideal event for a heart charity or our heart patients, but they thoroughly enjoy it. The ease of the DVD means that the evening runs itself, leaving my volunteers to concentrate on the betting and the prize payout. It allows our charity, CRIG, to give a very professional image to guests." Stuart Everatt

30 Oct '08 - Snail Race, South Yorkshire

"Absolutely brilliant evening. Lots of laughter and audience participation, Can't wait for the next one." Lisa Davis

25 Oct '08 - Party London

"Overall an excellent product." Martin Wilmott

24 Oct '08 - Race Night, Cambridgeshire

"Excellent novelty idea . . certainly a hit with the kids which made their parents spend more!" Alan Orme

18 Oct '08 - Corporate Event Dorset

"We were slightly disappointed by the amount raised but it wasn''t the main feature/purpose of our staff awards evening so not a big problem. On the whole the evening went extremely well and I would recommend your product." Joy Scadden

17 Oct '08 - School Fundraising Croydon Borough

"Brilliant entertainment. So difficult to host an event suitable for all ages, but this fits the bill." Angelene Rackett

11 Oct '08 - Race Night, Cambridgeshire

"Fabulous, a scream, will be talked about for quite a while. Once people realised it was actually a lottery and it didn''t matter about the tentacle length, the evening took off! Couldn't hear Peedy for the noise! Teamwork is very important for the organising. Anyone thinking about it . . . take the plunge and Go For It!! Thanks Fundeo Team." Mrs Bradshaw-Clifford