Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

23 Jun '06 - DVD Race Night Tyne and Wear

"Another fantastic fun event. Anybody still unsure- DON'T BE! Brilliant fun - so many people with smiles on their faces." Terry Armstrong

23 Jun '06 - Club Fundraising Lothian

"Under 13's football night. All the boys had great fun shouting for their snails. Good time had by all. Thanks." Kevin Linton

17 Jun '06 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"Thank you. Our event was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended. We will be back - for the 3rd time!" Phil McStay

17 Jun '06 - Charity Race Night, Essex

"A fantastic fun-filled evening from Fundeo. Fabulous!" Gill Newlyn. "P.S. Was really hoping the event was as good as the first time we had one - but it was better!"

16 Jun '06 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

" ...... it was a wonderful evening. Thanks." Julie Morris.

03 Jun '06 - Hen Night Northants

"We used this at a Hen Night with prizes for 1st etc as no money was taken nor bets placed. It was really well received and great entertainment. Thanks." Pauline O'Neill

02 Jun '06 - Charity Race Night, Tyne and Wear

"We were not sure what to expect but we ended up having a fantastic funny night. Thank You." Terry Armstrong (CONGA)

02 Jun '06 - Club Fundraising Devon

"Always a guaranteed winner!" Jan Jarman

28 May '06 - Party Somerset

"Fantastic fun evening for all ages." Lawrence Whitlock (Southdown Labour Club)

27 May '06 - Party Netherlands

" ... the snail race was a great success!" Mari van Wanroij, AWC Wijchen, Holland

20 May '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Surrey

"Fantastic family fun!" Lisa McDaid (Holy Family School)

20 May '06 - School Fundraising North Devon

"Great surprise for everyone involved. Wished I had time to customise the names and owners - would have been a hoot ... " Ged Thompson

20 May '06 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"This was the second time around and again a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the children made it with their deafening screams. Well done again Fundeo." Mrs Dawn Arnison (Myrtle Park Primary School)

19 May '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Cardiff

"Many thanks - a fun evening had by all of us here near Cardiff."Gary King (Leisure Manager, Village hotel and Leisure Club)

19 May '06 - DVD Race Night Unst

"Thank you for an excellent night." Colin McLeish

15 May '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Essex

"Very happy with the Snail Racing!" Adrian Leonard

13 May '06 - DVD Race Night Gloucs

"Everybody had a really brilliant time- the whole audience laughed all night and we raised loads of money for our charity." Linda Dickenson (Headway Cotswold Trust)

13 May '06 - School Fundraising London

"Fantastic. Kids loved to shout on the snails. Great family fun! We will be back!!" Susan Park (Harlyn Primary School)

13 May '06 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"This was our 'first time'! We were worried we didn't know what to do, but everything fell into place perfectly and we raised loads of money for a good cause. Thank you." Sue Battersby (Thorpe Willoughby Childcare Centre)

12 May '06 - Fundraising Race Night, West Yorkshire

"What a great event. Nobody knew what to expect but everybody loved it. Thanks for your great service." Christopher Bowen

12 May '06 - School Fundraising Hants

"This is the second time we have had a snail racing event. It was still as exciting, the kids screamed and cheered. Great fun for the whole family. Brilliant fund raiser." Mrs Manning (Highbury Primary PTA)

12 May '06 - School Fundraising W. Yorks

"A fantastic idea- we had a family event and arranged extra snail related activities for the kids on the night- wordsearch, snail pull etc. Everyone enjoyed themselves and will come back again next time. Would push race and snail sponsorship next time to raise more money." Beverley Riley (Friends of South Parade)

12 May '06 - Club Fundraising Bucks

"Fundeo Snail racing is a good fun filled night which everybody can enjoy." Mrs M. Chapman (The Two Brewers Pub)

06 May '06 - School Fundraising London

"A great evening enjoyed by adults and children alike. We made £350 for our school and everyone present has said they thought it was great entertainment." Mrs Kate Brown (Friends of St Michael's School)

05 May '06 - School Fundraising Northants

"Everyone had a fantastic time, kids and parents alike." Sharon Matthews (Friends of Harpole School)

30 Apr '06 - Event Aberdeenshire

(Editors comment: £350 raised with just 4 races)

28 Apr '06 - School Fundraising West Yorkshire

"A wonderful time was had by all. We have never seen the children have so much fun and scream and shout at snails- allowing their parents to enjoy the evening as well. Thank you." Rachael Slater (Priesthorpe Primary)

28 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Notts

"Very good fun ... " Ian Newton (MNNSDP)

22 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Warwickshire

"Superb night had by all, our most successful event to date. Will definately be back next time." Steve Pike (Old Laurentian RFC)

22 Apr '06 - Party West Yorkshire

"First time tryer. Loved their helpful attitude to me during my confusion about costs of the discs- but hey -everyone at our 30th Year anniversary loved it and asked for another night again- this time with just the snail racing!" Jason Hixon (Leeds Deaf Social Club)

21 Apr '06 - Club Fundraising Bradford

"Excellent night. Enjoyed by all. Even the 'chuckers'!" Andy Wiseman (GHMCC)

16 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Lanarks

"Excellent - Plus".

15 Apr '06 - Birthday Party Rhondda

"Event was used for Birthday Party - Guests age range from 4 years to 90. All persons present thoroughly enjoyed evening." G. Wilcox

15 Apr '06 - DVD Race Night Co Wicklow

"Will make it an event probably once every 3 months, also have other parties interested in planning their own ..." Willie Moules

14 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Notts

"Another fantastic night! Enjoyed by all AND raised funds for our local hospice. Everyone still talking about it and will be for quite some time. Thank you!!" Christine Mills

14 Apr '06 - DVD Race Night Aberdeenshire

"A highly entertaining novel evening, far superior to the standard horse race packages." Neil Skene (Grampian Soc. for the Blind).

14 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Devon

"Yet another top of the range night. Over £600 raised for the 3rd year running with very little work & effort needed to sell the event. Excellent, thanks." Charlie Hughes

08 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Aberdeenshire

"Another great night! The event organiser remarked she couldn't believe how excited folk got." Kenny Milne

08 Apr '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Surrey

"Always on time....... great service, as always." Colin Bidwell

01 Apr '06 - Event Herts

"It was an absolutely fantastic evening. People left happy with its overall entertainment value - even if a little lighter in their pockets. Highly recommend." Nik Allen (Evergreen FC)

31 Mar '06 - Corporate Entertainment Lothian

"Thanks for your great service. Brilliant night had by all. Thanks." Natalie Priestley (Lumison)

25 Mar '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Essex

"Everone enjoyed themselves. A great night for children. If you need to raise money I would highly recommend this product." Lee Rowlett

25 Mar '06 - School Fundraising Essex

"Excellent fun and a really enjoyable family evening. A great way to raise funds for the school PTFA." Mrs Louise Grant-Hodges (PTFA)

25 Mar '06 - Race Night, Bedfordshire, Beds

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening . Fundraising made simple and fun." Steve Joyce.

24 Mar '06 - School Fundraising Somerset

"A total success. It was a great night with lots of excitement and unpredictable finishes. Very profitable and amazing auction prices were reached. Highly recommended." Grant Slade

24 Mar '06 - Event Scottish Borders

"Another successful night. The snail racing gets better and better. It takes seconds to turn responsible adults into a group of children again! A totally different way to raise funds." Mrs Margaret McCall

23 Mar '06 - Event Yorks

"An excellent service capped off with an overall excellent night." Nick Warden (The Angel Public House)

17 Mar '06 - Party Herts

"Customers enjoyed it ... a great laugh."

17 Mar '06 - Event East Sussex

"What a fantastic night. Can't wait for the next one. ... I would recommend the snail race night to anyone, brilliant fun and we raised over £500 on the night (profit)." Chris Pobjoy (Pub landlord: The Romans)

11 Mar '06 - Fundraising Race Night, N. Yorks

"Excellent evening, enjoyed by all ... excellent value, will be coming back." Peter Lees

10 Mar '06 - School Fundraising Norfolk

"Delivery was really quick and everything we needed was there. The children were really getting into the races and were dissapointed when it came to an end. An enjoyable way to spend an evening." S. Hatcher (Friends of Carleton Rode School)

08 Mar '06 - DVD Race Night ACT Australian Capital Territory

"Snail racing blitzed Australian audiences for the first time - a great time was had by all!!" Michelle Crosby, Aranda, Australia

04 Mar '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Angus

"Another resounding success." Brian McCulley

04 Mar '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Co Down

"Thank you for your quick service." Liam Byrne

03 Mar '06 - School Fundraising Berkshire

"Good fun evening. Very loud audience...." Sarah Turner

25 Feb '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Manchester

"An original event enjoyed by all ages. People keep asking when the next one is!" Pauline Hutchinson

25 Feb '06 - Party Oxon

"A really good fun event - simple to set up and a real laugh." Rachel Herbert

25 Feb '06 - Event Lanarks

"Great value. We stuck to the 'Fundeo recipe' and found it a fantastic earner. Thanks to Peedy and crew. P.S. the gardener is a bampot." Jim Clarke. Editors note: 'bampot' is a reference, in Scots dialect, to a character in one of the snail races!

24 Feb '06 - Fundraising Race Night, Staffs

Snail Racing with 1 game of Bingo: "Superb entertainment. Great fun and an easy way to raise money. Another excellent evening. We will be back! Thanks Fundeo" Mr. G Hazlehurst (STRIPES)

24 Feb '06 - School Fundraising Aberdeenshire

"Excellent entertainment value, really positive feedback from all who attended, excellent customer service, will definately order again, thanks." Madeleine Ledingham

15 Feb '06 - School Fundraising Conwy

"Our 60-people event was a great success clearing £325 profit (we charged 50p per bet). We could have 'sold' the £3 snails twice over. Fundeo were very helpful and very quick delivering the DVD following our order. Thanks!" Bryn Lewis Jones (Ysgol John Bright PTA)

11 Feb '06 - Event Scottish Borders

"Excellent night had by all. Fantastic entertainment. Will definately use again. Thanks Fundeo." Graeme Hyland

10 Feb '06 - DVD Race Night Renfrewshire

"A great evening of entertainment. 60 grown adults shouting at cartoon snails ... can't beat it!" Carole Perrit

27 Jan '06 - DVD Race Night Northumberland

"Everyone had a really good time and once we got started it all went very well. The kids had a fantastic time. Thank you." Margaret Clow (King Edward V1 school)

27 Jan '06 - School Fundraising Kent

"The night was brill. Before the night 1 wasn't sure what to expect but had no need to worry- Fundeo had thought of everything- step by step." Nadine Hoskins.

07 Jan '06 - Club Fundraising Shropshire

"Great entertainment for all ages which made a brilliant atmosphere for the rest of our presentation night. Thanks." Andi Martin

31 Dec '05 - Party Lancs

"Fantastic night's entertainment, you can't help but join in. Young or old, male or female - you will be talking about this for weeks!" Paul Dilworth

16 Dec '05 - Party Dorset

"A good time was had by all. A lot more fun than I'd anticipated!" Mr C. Saunders (Headteacher)

09 Dec '05 - Team Building Cheshire

"The Snail Racing was a fun element to a team building event that proved to be a very worthwhile day." Alan Rogers - Marketing Officer of Stepping Stones

09 Dec '05 - Event Surrey

"Thanks once again, great service, next day ... fantastic!" Colin Bidwell

03 Dec '05 - DVD Race Night Surrey

"Second time around and even better than the first. Over £2000 raised. Forget Jumble Sales and the like, this is fundraising made easy because it's just so much fun. People were rushing to part with their cash! We'll be back!". Graham Nash

30 Nov '05 - Fundraising Herts

"Absolutely fantastic! So easy to use, all involved had a great night." Darcie Moore

26 Nov '05 - Event Cornwall

"The website was good, easy to navigate and use .. we raised £100 but could have made more ... " Martin Davies.

26 Nov '05 - Club Fun Night Northants

"Thank you for an excellent evenings entertainment." Barry Althorpe

26 Nov '05 - Charity Fundraising Cambs

TNT Logistics UK Ltd

24 Nov '05 - Corporate Entertainment West Midlands

"Brilliant idea. Great fun for all the family." Julia Walsh

18 Nov '05 - School Fundraising Yorkshire

"Another great night, enjoyed by all those who attended. Much better now on DVD and better volume control. Many thanks to your staff whose patience with a computer illiterate was amazing even at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning!" Sharon Cayton

12 Nov '05 - DVD Race Night Cardif

"Excellent. Everyone enjoyed the video and fun. We need more like this!" Richard Jones

12 Nov '05 - Birthday Party Herts

"We used this for our daughters 9th Birthday party. The children thought it was fantastic, they went wild!" Mrs. Jane Sutton

11 Nov '05 - DVD Race Night West Midlands

"This was the third time we have run a snail event and it was voted the best so far. Reason being was that we allowed children to come, put them in seats near to the screen and let them build up the excitement. The screaming during the races added to a great atmosphere and the event was a huge success. Thanks!" Chris Edwards

04 Nov '05 - Charity Race Night, Lincs

"Another wonderful, fun-filled evening. So easy to use." Stuart Everatt

04 Nov '05 - DVD Race Night Elgin Moray

A really good night out in Elgin, Moray that was different from a normal charity race night. Lots of fun" Mr. G. Strong

28 Oct '05 - Event Penarth

"Very funny. Even the old 'stick in the muds' enjoyed it and asked when we're doing it again!" S. Lloyd

22 Oct '05 - DVD Race Night W. Midlands

"A very successful fundraising night. Thoroughly enjoyed by adults and children alike. I never knew racing snails could be so much fun." Mr. Kev Morris

21 Oct '05 - Event Notts

"Brilliant night! Definitely recommend it to others. If you want a giggle make sure you do snail racing!" Scottish Courage Ltd

20 Oct '05 - DVD Race Night Staffs

"Wonderful entertainment and a great way to raise funds. Brilliant service. We'll definately be back." Gary Hazlehurst

20 Oct '05 - Birthday Party Lincs

"Fantastic birthday party. All because of snails ! G.H.

15 Oct '05 - School Fundraising Hants

"We had an excellent evening. Everyone got straight into the racing mood from the first race- it was deafening! Even people who fared badly at the tote are asking us to do it again next year. A lot of fun whether you're trying to raise money or just doing it for entertainment." Sue Beckley

08 Oct '05 - Party Sherwood

"Thanks for all your help with the first video." Kate Conder

08 Oct '05 - Snail Race Night, Kent

"Really good evening- easy to use and a fun way to raise funds." Mrs Ash

08 Oct '05 - Charity Fundraising Orkney

"Everyone enjoyed an entertaining, fun night - I was impressed with how quickly I received the package after ordering." Mrs. K. Esson

08 Oct '05 - Charity Race Night, London

Snail Racing: "Another fantastic fun filled night. Everyone was thoroughly entertained. " Fundeo Bingo: "Great fun, easy to follow. Recommended." Angelene Rackett

01 Oct '05 - Race Night, Perth and Kinross

"Completely different from any other race night. Enjoyed by all who attended. Definitely will use again!" Ian Wood

23 Sep '05 - Club Entertainment Notts

"We had a really enjoyable evening." Ian Newton

17 Sep '05 - DVD Race Night Essex

"This was the second snail race we've attended. The audience loved it, kids and adults alike screaming encouragement!" Jill Catmuir

17 Sep '05 - Snail Race, County Down

"This was a first for the our club and everyone thought it was a really fun evening and different from the usual entertainment." Susan McIllerieron

17 Sep '05 - Snail Race Night, Notts

"Excellent product. People were in stitches. The only question is- what can you come up with to top it!" Andrew Forster

03 Sep '05 - Charity Fundraising Lancs

"I was amazed how smoothly everything ran on the night. Your tickets made it easy to organise. I numbered all the programmes and sold them at £1, then entered them in a prize draw on the night." Geraldine Murfin-Shaw

03 Sep '05 - Snail Race Night, Lancs

"I had my reservations when I booked but Fundeo Snail Racing made my event a bigger success than I could have imagined." Paul Savage

20 Aug '05 - Snail Race Night, W. Yorks

Everyone found the event most enjoyable and amusing. A good night was had by all and we look forward to the next snail race night." G. O'Donaghue