Vets MXDN Fundraiser Belfast Ireland

Event Date: 30 August

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: McBride's on the Square, Comber, Belfast, N. Ireland, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Vets MXDN Fundraiser

Notes: An 8 race event with snail names and sponsors in a 15+ film category production. The MXDN events which this supports are fast and furious with mishaps and surprises galore- just like our snail racing :-0 Get along if you can. An excellent event is guaranteed - drink some beer- have a few bets- enjoy the banter - and maybe win some prizes!! Update: 60 people attended the event and loved it.

Testimonial: "Fantastic night's entertainment." Jonathan McBride

Total Raised: £843

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Iron Man Stakes: Limo, Chris Peacock, Drew Peacock, Benght Handlebars, Rusty Van Doors, Scruba tyre off, Breka Lever, Busta Gonad
Race No.2 - VK Services Handicap: Chisel Chin, VK, Stone Wall Jackson, Brit Vic, Slim Slow Dickson, Shotgun Patty, Shakey Dave, Beesting Keen
Race No.3 - King Geordie: Frenchy, Bannside, Hayley, Zebedee, Matt the Knife, Bad Carpet, Waldo, Tiny B*lls (censored)
Race No.4 - The Kelly Champion Crawl: Racing Lady, Motolife, Keep er Country, Drumlins Lady, My Da, The Lyon King, The Big Yam, The Wee Husky
Race No.5 - Crossen: A**hole (censored), Mr Tumble, Shellby, The Claw, Uncle Buck, Mad Max, Rossi, Shoestrings
Race No.6 - A8 Diner Hurdles: Winkles, Lucky Lucy, Little Drummer, Wheelchair Flyer, Shaz, Morton Movers, Farleigh Rush, Al
Race No.7 - The Tubman Crawl: Basil the Dog, Benny the Cat, La La, Creeper, To the ropes wah wah, The Donkey, Sphincter says what, Groovy Baby
Race No.8 - The Farleighcastle Stakes: Lindy Lou, Big Suzi, Ally, Luke Snailwalker, Flash Gordon, New Yorker, Rocco, Harley
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Dave Crockard: Stuart Greg, Seamus Bradley, Conor Bradley, Michael Gibson, Heather Bassett, David Kinkead, David Kinkead, Neil Mattews
Race No.2 - VK Services: Gary Shields, Rebecca Keery, William Jackson, Victor Keery, John Dickson, Gary Patton, Dave Keery, Steven Keenan
Race No.3 - GP Haulage: Roy French, Roy Kennedy, Hayley Porter, Zoe Porter, Matthew Porter, Alex Lyons, Davy Malcolmson, Philip Malcolmson
Race No.4 - Kelly Contractor: John Bassett, Chris Eccles, Derek Ellison, Jim Roulston, Brett Kelly, Alex Lyons, Lisa Kelly, Brett Kelly
Race No.5 - Croosen: Malachy O, Terry Bailie, Ellie McBride, Geoffrey Coey, Leslie Cooke, Lorraine McBride, Oscar McBride, Raymond Jess
Race No.6 - Mags Niblock: Kerri Bell, Zoe Reynolds, Lee Reynolds, Matt Johnston, Sharon Wilson, Jackie Morton, Levi Kernohan, Alan ?
Race No.7 - Tubs Turbo: Mervyn Thompson, Jean Thompsom, Laura Thompson, Sean Meighan, Ricky Watt, Jenni Meighan, Laura Thompson, Stephen Thompson
Race No.8 - MW Plant & Commercial Repairs: Geoffrey Coey, Leslie Cooke, Sam Cree, Riley McBride, Maurice McBride, Avril Cree, Claire McBride, Ken Russell
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