Virtual Race Night Platform

Manage Your Own Race Nights & Bingo Games Online
  • Your own Fundeo Shop FREE on this platform!
  • Start selling sponsorships within minutes
  • Collect personalised race & runner names
  • Sell tote tickets & pay prizes in real time
  • Hold automated auctions online
  • Manage bingo card sales & prizes online
Before the Race Night

Use your event wizard in your Shop to set up stall for your race night, then invite your audience to register & buy sponsorships with their Wallets. Sponsors' names can be exported directly into your race night order.

Before the Race Night

If you want to auction runners in the last race you can set one up to run automatically with the wizard too. Set it to start when you like but make sure it finishes before that race starts to give plenty of time to collect the auction money. Send everyone an invitation to your virtual venue on Zoom using the broadcasting link.

Race Night Auction
At the Race Night

When you are ready just share the video to your Zoom meeting room. Everyone can view the racing from the comfort of their own home and use their mobiles to visit your Shop to buy tickets with their Wallets and collect prizes.

At the Race Night

During the race night you will use our patented iBukee® tool to remotely open and close the sale of tote tickets, list winning ticket holders, and pay out prizes to the winners' Wallets.

Virtual Race Night
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Fundeo 'Do Virtual'?
'Do Virtual' is a e-commerce platform where Fundeo's customers can host their own Shop to sell products associated with their Race Night & Bingo events and receive funds directly from their customers.
What is a 'Do Virtual' Shop?

A 'Do Virtual' Shop is a ready-made e-commerce facility on the Fundeo website with a collection of tools, wizards and widgets to help organisers set up stall in minutes. Items that can be sold include sponsors, tote tickets and bingo cards. Customers login and can use their Wallets to purchase and receive prizes. Customers can withdraw funds from their Wallet as they wish.

Shop memberships are free. Shop sales are subject to standard bank charges and a platform fee. Owners can withdraw collected funds as they wish.

How does my audience participate in the game on 'Do Virtual'?

Before the Race Night you direct your audience to your Shop. There they register on 'Do Virtual' and fill their Wallets with cash. Registrants can then use their cash to purchase sponsorships, buy tickets and bid in auctions.

Prizes can be paid directly to the winners' Wallets. After the event, registrants can transfer money from their Wallets to their bank accounts.

How many people can play a virtual game on Zoom?

Our Race Night products cater for any size of audience , from small groups, up to several hundred. With a 'Do Virtual' Shop there is no limit to the number of tote tickets that can be set for sale and Fundeo place no restriction on the number of participants at online events.

Where do I sign up for a 'Do Virtual' Shop?

Click the 'Create a Shop' tab at the top of this page and register. Or if you are already registered as a 'Do Virtual' customer please log in and click the 'Get a Shop' link in your dashboard.