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Good fundraising ideas for charity, school, PTA, sports club, church, community and personal challenge fundraising events are difficult to come by, so we have compiled a list of fundraising ideas and subjectively rated them on their potential for 'reward relative to effort',  'ease of use',  'repeatability' and 'fun' value, with 5 stars being the maximum. Our findings are below.

All day event
A village hall, club or pub often provide a suitable venue for a fundraising event and most pubs are pleased to host one to gain the bar sales. Ask your local pub or sports club for example, if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored fundraising event such as darts, squash or bridge. .

Auction of Promises
Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as 'slaves for the day'!

Bad hair day
Hold a bad hair day event and collect a donation from everyone that takes part.

Bag it up
Simply ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers' shopping and ask for a donation for your service.  This is a great fundraising idea if you have many young hands at your disposal whose time you do not need to cost out.  For example it's a perfect fundraising event for a scout or guide group, or a school.

Bingo Night
Everyone loves Bingo but organising a bingo night can be a little difficult what with all those balls to juggle about and numbers to call out. 

Bingo from Fundeo
Fundeo's Bingo comes as a plug and play DVD with our on-screen parrot who hosts the show and calls out the numbers. The audience simply mark off the numbers on matching tickets. The game can be set up in minutes. Learn more about Fundeo's Bingo and see how to raise £800 or more with just one event.

How to run a bingo night        

Bad taste day
Ask colleagues or friends to go to work in their worst tie or most bizarre clothes. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.

Baking day
Ask someone to help you and your friends bake some cakes. Then hold a bake sale at your work, club or school.

Barbecue Party  
Hold a charity barbecue party event and charge people to come.

Book Sale
Dig out all those old books and have a book sale event at home or at work.


Caption Competition
Run a caption competition on pictures taken from your last party and collect donations from your entrants.

Car Boot Sale
Get together with friends and family and clear out unwanted items from your garage, cupboards or loft, then sell them at a car boot sale.

Car Cleaning
Get together with your friends to clean the cars in your neighbourhood for a fee. Or clean the cars in the school car park during lunch hour.  Great if you have a team of people prepared to donate their time and often suitable for a school, club, charity, church, PTA, sports club, social club, or corporate fundraiser.

Car treasure hunt
Ask someone with local knowledge to set questions so that people have to explore their local area. It’s a great way of finding out more about where you live.

Coffee Morning 
Get all friends together and have a coffee morning event.

Cheese and Wine
Hold a cheese and wine party and charge people to come.

Culture evening
Get together with friends, family & neighbours for an evening event with singing songs, playing an instrument, reciting poems, telling jokes or any other ideas.

Daring exploits
Take part in a parachute jump event or sponsored abseil and encourage your friends and colleagues to take part.

Double the money
If your company matches fundraising donations, ask them to match whatever you raise.  The only difficulty is that you must raise money first!

Organise a disco or 70's night event.

Donate day’s wage
Donate a day's wage and encourage others to follow your example. You could designate a specific date of national or local importance.

Dress down day
Organise a dress down day and collect a donation from all those that take part, and double that amount from those that don't participate. 

Eating competition
Set up a line of people and bet who will finish a bowl of food first - baked beans are a favourite. 

Fashion day
Ask your parents/friends to donate their old clothes and hold a 'recycled' fashion show for your school or neighbourhood.

Fun run event
Organise a sponsored fun run event. Requires energetic fit people and a lot of supervision.

Promote your event via Facebook, or any other social networking site.  Invite friends, family and colleagues to your fundraising event.  Facebook is a fantastic tool for promoting fundraising events ask everyone to share your fundraising event for yet more  promotion. 

Fast for 24 hours
Want to loose weight? Then hold a sponsored 24-hour fast.  Drink lots of water though.

Golf Match
Organise a charity golf day.

Grow your Own
Buy a packet of seeds, plant them and let them grow. Then sell off the plants, flowers, vegetables or fruit for a profit.

Halloween Ball
Sell tickets to a fancy dress ball or party.

Ice Skating
Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ice skating ring without falling over or needing support.

Jumble Sale Event  
Organise a jumble sale. This used to be a popular fundraiser but now in many communities of the UK, charity shops have taken over this fundraising niche and it has lost some of its appeal.

Set up a Justgiving page. Email everyone you know to publicise your event and ask them to support you by donating via your fundraising page.  Great opportunity to bolster funds from any fundraising event ideas on this page.   Justgiving take care of the financial side too by facilitating tax deductions for donations from HMCE and administering the financial transactions.  They charge a fee of just 5%  (after credit card charges). 

Karaoke Night
Ask a local pub or bar to host a Karaoke night for you perhaps in a function room then charge people to take part.

Lunch Money  
Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.

Lunchtime Quiz Event
Stimulate the mind before heading back for the afternoon slog. Get teams together and charge to take part.

Match pet to owner competition
Ask your colleagues to bring in one photo of themselves and one of their pet. Charge a fee to try and match up the photographs.

Night in
Stay in on a Saturday night and donate the money you save.  Probably not the most popular of ideas and a little boring.

Open Day
If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire, for a charge.

Office Olympics
Organise a competition to become an Office Olympic champion. Think up events such as speed typing, synchronised chair swivelling, bin basketball, longest paperclip chain in a minute, punching the most holes in a sheet of A4 or chair-racing.

Use social media like twitter and facebook to promote and publicise your fundraising event.   Send a press release to all your local papers describing your event, your good cause and asking for sponsorship from companies and individuals. 

Photography competition  
Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and charge to 'guess the baby'.

Quiz Nights  
Organise a quiz night at home at work, in a club or in your local pub or bar. Charge a fee to answer 50 questions. The winner gets half the money and the rest goes towards your fundraising target.  This can be a regular event and you can buy quiz questions online quite cheaply.

Quit it Are you a smoker? Or do you have any other bad habits?  Quit for a month and get everyone to sponsor your efforts.

Race night
Horse racing race nights are popular fundraisers. They consist of playing pre-recorded videos of horse racing upon which people place bets.  Do it yourself race night kits are readily available to those that wish to compere their own event, otherwise a professional can be hired in. Race nights are ideal for club, school, PTA, corporate, church or charity fundraising. 

Race night from Fundeo
Fundeo race nights come as a continuous-play DVD and the show is compered by an on-screen talking parrot.  This makes the event very easy to run.  The races are with cartoon snails (or cockroaches) and very funny.  The packs can be personalised too and adapted for any age-group.  Learn more about Fundeo's race nights and see how to raise over £1500 easily in just two hours.

Fundraising calculator     How to run a race night using money

Ransom and release
All you need are some willing VIP’s (very important prisoners) and somewhere to hold them captive. Then it's up to the VIPs to get friends, family and colleagues to stump up the cash for their release.

Swear box Put a swear box in your office, home or local social club to raise money for charity. Get them to pay each time they curse.

School dinners
Organise a party with the theme of school dinners. Get them to dress up in school uniforms and serve up bangers and mash.

Shopping trips
Offer to shop for elderly neighbours or run other errands for them in return for a small donation

Sponsored silence
Hold a sponsored silence. Ask your parents and neighbours to sponsor you to keep quiet. You could ask them to sponsor you for the whole day or per hour.

Shave it
Get sponsored to shave your head, your chest, your armpits or any other hairy bits.

Run a sweepstake on how many times your boss gets a cup a tea or how may times your colleague leaves their desk during the day. Charge a fee to have a go.

Sponsored stair climb
If you work in a high-rise building, get sponsored to take the stairs for a month.

Treasure Hunt
A challenge event for people, and a fun way to raise big money.

Theme days/nights  
Jazz up the winter months and hold a themed event.

Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.

University Challenge
Organise teams who attend the same or nearby universities and hold a challenge to see which university or team comes top.

Variety Show  
Round up your talented friends and put on a show, charging for admission.

Wine Tasting Event
Invite an 'expert' or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds to charity.  Or invite colleagues to taste some 'home made' cocktails and charge an entry fee per person.  Makes for a great social evening but if you are the host try not to drink too much . . .   Hic!

X-Files party 
Hold an X-files party.

Yorkshire pudding eating
See how many you can eat. Get your friends to run a sweepstake.

Zoo quiz
Organise a zoo quiz

Zombie party
Organise a zombie party and charge an entrance fee.

Still looking for fundraising ideas or fundraising event ideas?

If none of these fundraising ideas appeals then please check out our fundraising demos and use our Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator.  Our fundraising events are used by more and more charity, school, church, PTA, sports club, clubs and community groups every year.  Don't miss out   . . . see how to raise over £1500 easily in just two hours !

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