Virtual Bingo Night

Bingo is a popular game for fundraising and fun social events. We offer Bingo Game videos with 90 and 75 calls for screening at your venue. There is a choice of call types and a choice of videos with 1, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 games. The videos are made in HD quality and delivered worldwide by streaming.

Virtual Host & Bingo Caller

Our on-screen virtual host, Peedy parrot, runs the show. Firstly he describes how Fundeo Bingo games work in an introductory prelude. The first game then starts and he calls the numbers. The game can be played however the organiser chooses. Participants shout out when they get a win and the organiser then pauses the video, validates the win and awards a prize before re-starting the video game.

Bingo Call Types & Bingo Products

There is a choice of game types. Our 90 - ball games (traditional for the UK and Australia) comes with either simple Bingo Hall style calls, Cockney Rhyming slang calls and Smutty calls (suitable for adults only). Our 75 - ball games come with traditional US style calls.

How to run a Fundeo Bingo Night

To run a Bingo Night simply access the streamed video in your members area then share your screen to your platform of choice. For a live event share it to a projector and big screen and sell your bingo tickets from a sales desk. For a virtual event share it to a virtual meeting room on Zoom.

Get Started

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