Virtual Bingo Night

Bingo is a popular game for fundraising and fun social events. We offer 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 game Bingo videos with 90-ball and 75-ball calls and an on-screen virtual host to run the show. The host firstly describes how Fundeo Bingo games work then the games start and he calls the numbers. The videos are HD quality and personalised with your event details. We supply them as easy, 1-click, HD-quality downloads and by intelligent streaming. We supply all destinations including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Bingo Call Types & Bingo Products

There is a choice of 90 - ball games (traditional for the UK and Australia), which comes with a choice of Bingo Hall style calls, Cockney Rhyming slang calls, or Smutty calls (suitable for adult-only), and 75 - ball games as used in the United States, which comes with traditional US-style calls (samples of all are shown in a Demo Video).

How to run a Fundeo Bingo Night

To run a Fundeo Bingo Night simply play the video then share your screen directly or share it to your platform of choice for example a projector and big screen at a large venue, or for a virtual Bingo night online, Zoom or Teams. Matching tickets can be sold to your audience from a Fundeo Shop (sign up for one on our "Do-Virtual" platform ) and then printed out ready for use at the event. Your audience can enjoy using their daubers to mark off the numbers instead of it being done automatically online. Posters for the Bingo Night can be made using our bingo poster template.

Bingo with the "Do-Virtual" Platform

With a Shop on "Do-Virtual", an event wizard makes it easy to post your bingo event online. Simply add your poster image, add some details, set the price of the bingo tickets and sell as many as you like. The tickets are sold as booklets with one page for each game. The 90-ball booklets have 6 tickets per game and the 75-ball booklets have 4 per game. With a win, the video is paused to validate the win, then prizes are paid to the participant's directly, or if the event is virtual, on Zoom or Teams, it can be paid to their virtual wallets. It couldn't be any easier. See our video tutorials for guidance.

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