How to raise funds at your bingo event

Here we shall provide a theoretical demo to show how you can use a Fundeo Bingo pack for fundraising and raise over £800 in just a couple of hours.

There are at least three direct sources of funds from a Fundeo Bingo event:

 - Sponsorship for the Prizes
 - Sale of admission tickets
 - Sale of bingo tickets

We will deal with each in turn below.  Well hold on to your markers 'cos here we go . . .

Step 1: Arrange sponsorship & prizes for your fundraiser

Step 1: funds raisedAction: You approach local businesses and ask them to donate a prize for your fundraising Bingo Night. You point out that a large number of the local community will be present, that they're contribution will be acknowledged and that their services or products will be thrown into the limelight throughout the event.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to gather prizes. Prizes can be an item or perhaps a voucher e.g. for a wash and blow dry from the hairdressers, or a couple of fillet steaks from the butchers.

Result: Well done!  You obtained valuable prizes and vouchers from local businesses in your community which spread the word about your fundraising event at the same time.

Note: For larger or more prestigious fundraising events you can try larger sponsors for bigger prizes.  The sponsors will be interested in supporting your fundraiser particularly if you are attracting potential new customers.





Step 2: Order your fundraising bingo pack

The bingo video & consumablesAction: You order you bingo pack online using our easy 24/7 ordering system. We will assume that you invest £80 in a 10 game pack and purchasing 5 sets of  (10 game) ticket booklets at £5 each (enough for about 100 players) and 100 personalised admission tickets at £25 giving a total outlay of £130 .

Result: You pay out £130 of which £50 is in consumables.  Thank you.

Note: The bingo tickets come in sets of 84 (10-game ticket) booklets. Each set is sufficient for about 21 people, based on an average use of 4 booklets each.








Step 3: Advertising your fundraising event

Step 3: Funds raisedAction: To ensure good attendance you make up posters using our bingo poster template (see brochures & resources). You place these strategically throughout your community to advertise your event.

You also advertize your fundraiser on your website your newsletter, and if possible on facebook, twitter and your local newspaper.  Please be sure to include any other attractions in the poster or advertisements such as refreshments, social gathering our talking parrot etc.

Result: Well done. The word is out - people are talking about your fundraising bingo night!






Step 4: Admission tickets for your fundraising event

Step 4: Funds raisedAction: You set about selling admission tickets for your fundraiser pointing out the attractions, prizes and sponsors. You now have a audience committed to attending.

Result: You sold all of the entrance tickets before the event at £5 each and raised £500. You are now guaranteed a good turn out on the night, have covered the cost of your consumables(tickets at £50) and raised £450 in advance.









Step 5: Raising funds from the 'Gaming'

Step 5: Funds raisedAction: At the event you have the prizes displayed on a table. These prizes will be shared amongst the attendees. With a poor turnout  you can charge more than previously planned for a ticket booklet.  Once you decide the price you then start selling the ticket booklets and tell the audience whether prizes will be on a 'line' as well as on 'full house'  and tell them to call 'Bingo!' if they have a win.

You then start the video /DVD and let Peedy the parrot run the show. Peedy starts by describing how the Bingo games work and then moves straight on to the first game.  The bingo games and ticket colour are displayed in the video.  The players should work their way through the tickets in the booklets sequentially with each game.

In each game you pause the video with a winning call, validate the win after the on-screen number checkboard and award a prize, before continuing with the show.  It really is that easy!

In the last game you present the 'star prize' and afterwards thank all of the sponsors for their help and support.

Result: Congratulations! You sold an average of four bingo ticket booklets per head at £1 ($2) each bringing in another £400 ($800).  You have now raised a total of £850 ($1701)!

Note: Match the ticket price to the value of the prizes and the number of players attending.  Try to maximise funds raised while making the event good value for everyone attending. You can use the bingo video again and purchase more tickets booklets and admission tickets too at any time!

Summary: Your fundraising event

Total funds raisedWell done. You deserve applause!

 - everyone had fun!
 - you gave out some superb prizes!
 - sponsors were delighted with the promotion opportunity and goodwill
 - you staged a professional fundraising event!
 - everyone wants more Fundeo Bingo soon!
 - and you have raised £850 !










Table: Source of funds raised and running total in £ (and US $)

Summary Table source of funds raised & running total

Final Word:

Does this sound easy? Well it is but please try and share the work of organising your fundraiser and make sure that you have a reliable team to help out.

Remember that all the above prices and payouts are your decision. The price of the bingo tickets should be geared to the value of your prizes and the turnout.  The prizes will be shared amongst the attendees so if turnout is low you are entitled to raise the ticket price. 

Finally remember that you can use the DVD video again ( wins depend on the bingo ticket numbers not the called numbers!) and can order more tickets from us at any time.

Please bookmark this page then take a look at our getting started page or go to our online shop to order your Bingo pack.  Good luck ! 

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