How to raise funds at your bingo night

Here we shall provide a theoretical demo to show how you can use a Fundeo Bingo pack for fundraising and raise over £600 in just a couple of hours. Follow the same procedure for a fun night but pay out more of the income as prizes.

You can run the bingo night at a venue, or online using Zoom or Teams. You can sign up for a Fundeo Shop on 'Do-Virtual' and then sell bingo tickets to your audience to generate funds. We’ll demonstrate the procedure below.

Step 1: Produce a Poster for your Bingo Night

How to Bingo fundraisingAction: You decide the date and time of your event and then set make a poster to advertise the event. We provide a poster template which makes this very easy (see Posters & Downloads). Copies can also be posted strategically on your Fundeo Shop, website, your newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter.

Result: Well done. The word is out - people are talking about your fundraising bingo night!








Step 2: Set Up your Bingo Night on ‘Do Virtual’

Step 3: Funds raisedAction: By far the easiest way to run your Fundeo Bingo is to set up a Fundeo Shop and sell tickets to your audience online before your event starts. With a Shop you can sell as many tickets as you wish and it won't cost you a penny. Your participants simply purchase ticket booklets and print them out themselves ready to use with their daubers.  Let's assume you are holding a (90-ball) 10-game bingo night and sell the ticket at £10 per booklet. The booklets have 6 tickets for each game.   Your audience use a virtual wallet on the site to purchase their tickets which will save you losing money on card transaction fees. It will also make it easy for you to pay out prizes during the game because you can transfer the prizes directly into their wallets. 

Result: Congratulations! You sold 100 bingo ticket booklets giving an income of £1000 (approx £900 after bank charges and platform fees) and you have 100 participants at your Zoom Bingo night.






Step 3: Order your Bingo Video

Step 1: funds raisedAction: You order your bingo video online here on the site. We will assume that you order a 10 game video for just £28.  Be sure to order pno later than 10 days before your event or later withour express production service.

Result: You pay out £28. Thank you. The bingo video will be produced ready for your event and meantime you will have access to a setup and testing video from your account to practice screening before your event starts.








Step 4: Step 4: Run the Bingo Night

Step 4: Funds raisedAction: Before the Bingo Night starts you use your Fundeo Shop tool to contact everyone and give them an invite to your Zoom meeting room. At the Zoom meeting you start the video and let Peedy, the virtual host, run the show. Peedy starts by describing how the bingo games work and then moves on to the first game. The bingo games and ticket colour are displayed in the video. The players should work their way through the booklet sequentially with each game.  All the tickets are coloured differently and numbered after the dgame gort ease of use.

In each game, you pause the video with a winning call and ask the winner to tell you their order number for their ticket purchase (from their receipt). This will let you pull up a copy of their ticket from within your shop to validate the win.  Validation can be checked by referral to the onscreen checkboard. You then award the prize by crediting their virtual wallet before start the video playing again to move on with the game. It really is that easy!

Result: Congratulations! You gave two prizes in each game, £10 for a line and £25 for a full house, making a total payout of £35 per game, or £350 over the evening. You now have a balance of £622 of funds raised.




Summary: Your fundraising event

Total funds raisedWell done. You deserve applause!

    - everyone had fun!
    - you staged a professional event!
    - everyone wants more Fundeo Bingo soon!
    - and you have raised £622!







    Final Word:

    Does this sound easy? Well, it is especially with the Fundeo bingo video with its on-screen virtual host running the show for you and the Fundeo 'Do Virtual' platform letting you seamlessly sell tickets and award prizes.

    Remember that the price of the ticket booklets and the payouts are your decision.

    Please bookmark this page then get the ball rolling by fixing a date, setting up a Bingo Event in your Shop on our 'Do-Virtual' platform, and ordering a Fundeo bingo video. Good luck!