Race Night Tote Payout Calculator

Our Race Night Tote Payout Calculator is designed to calculate the payouts for winning tickets and summarise the betting for each race at a Race Night. The results can be printed or saved as a pdf file for record-keeping. Bookmark this page to come back later. If you need further explanation see "How to Run a Race Night".

Set Ticket Price and Payout Totals for this Race
  • £
  • £

Set the ticket price and the payout (as percentage of the total income from ticket sales). A ticket price of £1 and a payout of 50% is normal for a charity race night. For a fun event, larger payouts up to 100% can be used. If you want to print the results or save them as a pdf then you may want to add the race number.

Ticket Sales Payout for Winning Tickets
  • If runner 1 wins: £
  • If runner 2 wins: £
  • If runner 3 wins: £
  • If runner 4 wins: £
  • If runner 5 wins: £
  • If runner 6 wins: £
  • If runner 7 wins: £
  • If runner 8 wins: £

Enter the number of tickets sold for each runner.

'Calculate' the payout for the winning ticket number and round up the figures. 'Reset' the calculator for the next race.

'Print' the results or create a pdf file. Please note that the calculator will automatically reset after printing.