Race Night

Race nights are highly entertaining and perfect for fundraising. We offer a choice of our own speciality cartoon snail race nights, together with roach racing, horse race nights and dog racing, all assimilated into Fundeo’s copyright race night format (see race demos). Our race night kits come with everything you need. The videos, tickets and racecards are all personalised to order. They come with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 races. We supply by intelligent streaming and downloads to all destinations including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. We have races to suit every age group and keep records to ensure customers receive different races with every order.

Fundeo’s Snail Race Night - Snail Racing Format

Devised in the year 2000 the Fundeo Snail Race Night, snail racing format is now adopted by all our race nights. All the randomly selected races are compiled into a single unique video. Our on-screen compere does all the work, explaining how the race night works, introducing the runners, races and sponsors, opening and closing the tote, interviewing a runner in each race, and announcing the results. All our videos are now supplied in HD-quality which gives a far superior user-experience than the fuzzy quality of old-fashioned DVD's. All this makes our race nights far superior to other race night services, simpler to run, and much more fun!

Venue-based & Zoom Race Nights

Race nights can be held at a venue, or now easily run as a virtual race night on say, Zoom or Teams using our patented 'Do Virtual' platform. Previously, there were no simple means of selling tickets, or distributing prizes in 'real time'. But this patented new platform, developed during the Covid pandemic, makes all this simple and easy. So much so that our virtual race nights are becoming more popular for corporate and charity organisers wishing to reach out to dispersed audiences.

Race Nights with the ‘Do Virtual’ Platform

Whether you are planning a venue-based race night or a race night on Zoom, will find the 'Do Virtual' platform useful for collecting race and runner names. These can be sold online from your own Shop, then imported directly into your race night order. There are many other advantages too, such as our patented iBukee® system for the sale of tote tickets and payout of prizes in real-time, and automated auctions for runners in the last race. Get your Fundeo Shop on the "Do-Virtual" platform.

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