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Fundeo Race Night Kits with Personalised DVD and betting tickets For Your Race Nights

Fundeo Snail Racing

Our race nights are excellent entertainment and great for charity fundraising, a party, a social function or any other get-together. 

The race nights kit come with everything you need. Each DVD is unique and made to order. The racing is with cartoon snails and cockroaches - or roaches. Each race is hilarious and most have a twist, so you'll never know what to expect on the night!



Our Race Nights

Race Night PacksOur race night kits contain everything required for your event:
 - Guidance notes 
 - A test DVD to help set up your equipment
 - Personalised DVD with all the races
 - Personalised betting tickets (for up to 80 people)
 - Personalised colour race cards (10 as standard)
 - Tote ID numbers
 - 'Easy Reckoner' tote tabulators
 - An auction summary sheet
 - A funds-raised sheet

Extra supplies can be ordered for large events and there is a choice of optional extras.

There are also Lucky Dip kits which may be preferable for smaller events. These are run with tickets showing runners for first and second place. There are just 28 tickets in a set only one of which is a winner.  This simplifies the distribution of tickets and the award of prizes. They are popular for parties where the prizes can be forfeits or dares.  

Multi-Event kits are suitable for professional repeat use by national charities, pub chains and entertainers and by venues with ever-changing audiences such as hotels, cruise ships and holiday resorts who regularly run nights like this.


The Race Night DVD

Fundeo's race nights are extremely easy to run. Each race night DVD contains a unique compilation of randomly selected races seamlessly integrated into the Fundeo film show so the race night DVD can be played continuously without interruption.

Peedy ParrotFurthermore our race nights are compered by ‘Peedy’ parrot, who explains how the betting works, introduces the runners, tells the audience when they should place their bets; conducts live interviews with the runners before each race and then when the race is over he announces the results. In fact the event runs itself and the organiser need only intervene if an auction is held in the last race.

Fundeo's race nights can be adapted to suit any audience by choosing an appropriate age group classifications - we offer a choice of 'U' (Universal), '12+ years' and '15+ years' template. There is also the option of adding subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Personalisation of the Race Night

Fundeo Roach Racing Race NightThe kits for all our race nights are personalised with ‘the venue name’, the ‘date’ of the event and the 'in aid of ' concern. The names of the runners and their sponsors, as well as the names of the races and their sponsors can also be personalised for added value and entertainment.

Personalised details are displayed in the race night DVD, the betting tickets and the race cards. Peedy also calls out the names of the runners, the races and the sponsors if required and interviews some of them through the show!


Getting Started

See how to run an event and/or use our fundraising calculator to plan it by clicking below.  We also have a getting started section to help.  Further product information for all our nights and prices are in our online shop.


How to run a race night using money    Fundraising calculator