Charity Details

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Registered Charity Number: 1143603
Location Of Benefit: UK Local Surrey
Address for donations: Marlborough House , Augustus Gardens , Camberley, Surrey GU151HL

We are a small registered wildlife charity that last year responded to over 1600 wildlife casualties. Each year this number increases along with our costs. We care, treat, and rehabilitate all of our British wildlife. We originally started supporting local vets and now receive wildlife from the public . We are available seven days a week for advice and admissions. We are sometimes able to collect and rescue wildlife in a variety of unusual situations. Our primary goal is to simply give these creatures a second chance. Much of our wildlife, when it comes into contact with man, obtains injuries that are not in themselves life threatening. However, in the wild a lack of food and an inability to protect yourself can and often does mean the end. A creature with a relatively simple injury can rest and be fed and is easily returned to the wild where it belongs. Imagine breaking your leg and not being able to feed because you can't get to Sainsbury's, or worse, becoming someone's dinner before you die......... Sounds ridiculous but not if you are a wild animal. We treat a multitude of injuries including serious injuries such as road traffic accident with internal complications and many broken limbs. Our goal is to return all our injured wildlife to the wild where they belong and we are extremely successful. We have over the last few years hand reared many orphaned creatures such as tiny wrens and magnificent fawns with everything in between. This is a very rewarding and vital part of our work. Not only are these programs successful but also it enabled us to study these animals more closely giving us knowledge and education that can be shared with other organizations. This knowledge is used to increase our successes, improve our care program and better understand the needs and nature of the species. We address or should be say redress the natural balance.

Anne Brummer to receive award for rescuing wildlife
A Surrey woman who has rescued thousands of animals and birds is to receive a special recognition award.
Anne Brummer first began working with wildlife 25 years ago when she took care of a hedgehog. She now runs Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre in Camberley which last year cared for more than 1,600 animals. Ms Brummer will receive the Wildlife Rescue Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords on 18 October. Robbie Marsland, UK director of IFAW, said: "We are very pleased to be able to reward Anne's amazing dedication to rescuing and caring for wild animals and birds over so many years and wanted to recognise her outstanding work with our Wildlife Rescue Award." The Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre is supported by Queen's Brian May and runs on two sites, using land owned by Mr May, for long-term and specialist rehabilitation. With Ms Brummer, there are 27 volunteers who help injured and orphaned wild animals and birds, nurturing them back to health and then releasing them back into the wild.
Source: BBC News 13 October 2011