Charity Details

Facial Palsy UK
Registered Charity Number: 1148115
Location Of Benefit: UK Nationwide
Address for donations: PO Box 1269, Peterborough, PE1 9QN

We take the simplest things for granted in our everyday lives. The ability to keep food in our mouths as we eat, the ability to close our eyes for sleep, the ability to kiss our loved ones, and the ability to laugh without fear of being ridiculed. The condition facial palsy affects basic human function, yet many people who have the condition are left with little or no support. Facial palsy, sometimes known as facial paralysis, is a condition resulting from an impairment or absence of the facial nerve that supplies the facial muscles. This affects many aspects of facial function such as an inability to close (and hence protect) the eye, as well as difficulties eating, drinking, speech, smiling and frowning. Facial palsy can be the result of multiple causes: disease, injury, stroke, birth trauma, cancer, or neurological condition – to name but a few… There are thought to be around 100,000 people in the UK living with facial palsy. Facial Palsy UK is a fairly new charity, launched in 2012, the first of its kind to offer dedicated support to people who have facial palsy due to any cause.