Charity Details

Helios Foundation
Registered Charity Number: 285178
Location Of Benefit: UK Local (London)
Address for donations: 116 Judd Street

The Helios Foundation is a Holistic health care charity which aims to bring about substantial improvements in the way that people in London deal with some of the more challenging health issues. We provide an extensive range of holistic therapies, support groups and classes for those marginalized and deprived groups. Mission: To help people moving out of crisis to find balance, optimum health and to realize their full potential At Helios, we have 4 consultation rooms to provide holistic services for: • Refugees and asylum seekers - mostly black women from Africa. • Those with HIV and other conditions that attack the immune system such as lupus. • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with mental and other health needs. • People over 50, with chronic health conditions including crippling arthritis. We are currently increasing the range of support services to these groups, focusing on challenged people living with HIV for over 15 years and having multiple health needs and those who are seeking to return to work. Helios has always served the neediest people from the HIV community and we have seen a significant increase in clients with declining health and complex health problems due to cumulative drug side effects and toxic build up such as severe osteoporosis, organ deterioration (some needing transplants) often linked to hepatitis, treatment failure, depression, chronic weight loss and, increasingly, cognitive impairment. Helios volunteers Without volunteers, Helios would not still be here. Both our director and manager are longstanding volunteers. We have a paid part-time volunteer coordinator, lottery funded, who currently oversees 38 active volunteers. Other than our paid therapists, we have just 3 part time staff. Most of our administration and client care work is done by our highly experienced volunteer group.