Charity Details

Dental Wellness Trust
Registered Charity Number: 1145361
Location Of Benefit: International UK and Africa
Address for donations: 5 Elm Terrace, Constantine Road, London, NW3 2LL

The Dental Wellness Trust is a London-based charity promoting dental wellness to less fortunate communities in the UK and abroad. We do this through innovative oral health education programmes like our supervised brushing programme in South African townships. Dental health has an impact on the overall well-being of people yet does not gain enough attention. People in developed countries take dental health for granted. They have benefited from good dental care and education about what to eat and drink and how to brush their teeth. People in less developed countries do not have access to this and thus dental health problems are prevalent. We are aiming to tackle this by spreading education and good practice as well as providing care for children and the elderly.

Fighting decay
one toothbrush at a time
The Extraction Capital of South Africa. This is the new title some dentists have bestowed on Cape Town as hundreds of thousands of teeth get pulled out annually. Greenwall says at least 3 million toothbrushes are needed to save the younger generation’s teeth in the Cape. My wish is that every child owns a toothbrush so that the extraction capital title can be eroded tooth by tooth.
Source: Leads by Giovanna Gerbi, Eyewitness News reporter