Charity Details

CARA - Central Africa's Rights & AIDS Society
Registered Charity Number: 1135610
Location Of Benefit: International UK and Africa
Address for donations: 18 - 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, Hackney, London E8 3DL

CARA provides HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, striving to reduce premature deaths, providing quality basic education for all, water and sanitation and helping the poor to know, understand and achieve their rights CARA is an independent international charity, which main activities include: 1. Prevention, care and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS; 2. Striving to reduce premature death and illnesses; 3. Providing quality basic Education for all; 4. Provision of clean Water and Sanitation; 5. Protection for people affected by conflict, natural disaster and exploitation; 6. Translation & Interpretation Services; 7. Legal: helping the poor to know, understand and achieve their rights; To continue the work that CARA provides in the UK and Africa, we rely on people like you. Please consider helping us with a monthly, or one-off donation, for our work.