Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

23 May '03 - Stag Night Tyne and Wear

"We had a 'Class' night, thanks!!! ... All I can say is we never stopped laughing all night!!! The races are all totally unpredictable & great fun. If you can keep a straight face while watching this, then you belong in Madame Tussaud's!!! .. PS Keep up the good work" Maurice Laws

23 May '03 - Charity Fundraising Angus

"Great evening- what a laugh!" Lynn Durkin

22 May '03 - Corporate event Cambridgeshire

"We didn't know snails could use a shotgun! Excellent fun, well worth it . . a total success" Sara Dawson

21 May '03 - School Fundraising Tyneside

Survey report: "Very good entertainment and easy of use." The Elm Tree

03 May '03 - Sports Club Fundraising Cambs

"Thank you very much. We had a very successful evening. Everyone enjoyed the snail racing." Alan Bird

01 May '03 - University Fundraising Stirling

"Great night had by all! Lots of fun and good potential for raising lots of funds! " Niall McCorkell

26 Apr '03 - Cricket Club Fundraising Hampshire

"It was a fun and unique change to our usual horse race nights. I don't know how repeatable it would be- but as a one off event it was a huge success." Martin Green

22 Apr '03 - School Fundraising Carmarthenshire

"Fantastic night. Raised over £400 for the charity. Thank you!" Ron Jones

16 Apr '03 - Charity Fundraising Kent

"The evening went faster than we thought considering how slow snails are. Before each race started we had a collection of bribes customers brought with them- lettuce, garlic, beer, slug pellets were just a few! " Mrs M.Pary

05 Apr '03 - Football Club Fundraising West Yorks

"Excellent evening's entertainment, parents and kids loved it, what next- elephants! " Stephen Edwards

29 Mar '03 - Charity Fundraising Orkney

Reported as 'Excellent' on all counts

26 Mar '03 - Fundraising Aberdeen

"Our football team found it a fun evening and a great morale booster as well as raising substantial money for the club changing rooms. Thank you. 'till next time. (Comment: General feeling was it was much more fun to watch snails than horses)." David Wills

26 Mar '03 - University Fundraising West Midlands

"Snail racing is a novel and original way to raise money. Everyone had a good night and the atmosphere created was first class." Mr. A. Lawson

21 Mar '03 - PTA Fundraising Newport

"Excellent- we will be using you again!" Lisa Price

18 Mar '03 - Sports Club Fundraising London

"A really fun night which was easy to run. What more exciting way could there be to raise money?" Rachel Herbert

01 Mar '03 - Party Beds, Bedfordshire

"We had a great fun evening just all friends together. Some went home with more money than they came with but all left with a smile on their face. A terrific evening in." Gaynor Nelson

18 Feb '03 - Teambuilding Northants

"Absolutely excellent- great value for money!" Gail Pike

08 Feb '03 - Party Bucks

"Having run dog and horse racing nights this is by far the easiest - and more fun!! " Gavin Hart

24 Jan '03 - Charity Fundraising Essex

"We had a fantastic evening and raised £800. Everyone had fun and the pack provided meant that the work was minimal for us. Thanks." Sarah Barber

08 Dec '02 - Charity Fundraising Cambs

"Very easy to run and publicise. Thanks." Claire Eldred

06 Dec '02 - Fundraising West Sussex

"Our Fundeo Snail Racing Night was great fun, everybody enjoyed it and had a laugh." Kimberley May

28 Nov '02 - Cricket Club Fundraising Herefordshire

"A top night had by all. 1000% more fun than a normal race night. Simply no comparison!" Edward Symonds

16 Nov '02 - Football Club Fundraising Devon

"I thought it was a very different idea which worked superbly. Everybody loved it." Jason Chillcot

15 Nov '02 - Rugby Club Fundraising Staffs

"Great fun whilst raising money." Chris Edwards

18 Oct '02 - Party Cambs

"Excellent evening's entertainment for young and old with the added benefit of raising funds at the same time." Graham Dyer

13 Oct '02 - Football Club Fundraising Selks, Selkirkshire

"Easy, fun and profitable." Mrs A. McCall

12 Oct '02 - Sports Club Fundraising Essex

"An excellent night had by all. Made a real change from horse racing. Thank you." Joyce Sackey

14 Sep '02 - Football Club Fundraising E. Ayrshire

"The whole thing was extremely funny and great fun for everyone involved." Mrs June Wilson

26 Aug '02 - Sports Club Fundraising Cumbria

"Entertainment value - excellent for adults and children- well worth the money."

24 Aug '02 - Fundraising Suffolk

"The racing was much more fun than both the audience and we expected." Mr. V. Dixon

13 Jul '02 - Football Club Fundraising Cardiff

"The personalisation on video and all the relevant tickets and race cards is unique." Peter Evans

29 Jun '02 - School Fundraising Surrey

"We had a great evening. Thanks!" Annie Forsyth