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How to run a bingo night        


Bingo is normally very difficult to set it up if you don't have your own Bingo Hall - what with all those balls to juggle about!  Now Fundeo has just made it a whole lot easier and much more fun.

bingo game and supplies

Fundeo's Bingo comes as a simple ready to play DVD pack with all you need to run a professional event. You simply place the DVD in a player and push ‘play’ and our on-screen parrot pops up on the screen and runs the show. He picks the balls and calls out all the numbers. Players use traditional tickets and call out when they get a ‘line’ or ‘full-house’.   The operator then pauses the video, checks the numbers and awards a prize before continuing the show.

The numbers are called using English nicknames e.g. 'Man Alive.. number 5', 'sweet sixteen isn't she lovely' etc. Sub-titles can be added to the video for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Each DVD is unique being made to order and is personalised with the customer's name. The game uses 90 balls which is traditional in UK and Australia.

The packs contain everything you need and additional bingo cards and flyers can be purchased at any time from our online store. There are 10-game packs 1-game packs available.  The 10-game packs will provide up to 2 hours continuous entertainment.

The DVD can be used over and over again (remember -it's the tickets which dictate the winners- not the video!) so is a great investment which will provide professional bingo entertainment at just a moment’s notice. See the Bingo Game format .


Our Bingo is enjoyed by all ages and is popular for entertainment at family parties, corporate entertainment, social evenings, coffee mornings, schools, social clubs, sports clubs, care homes, holiday parks and pubs.  It is also popular for fundraising events -  raising funds for community projects, clubs, PTA's, churches, schools and charities.

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How to run a bingo night